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Goodness this was the hardest day so far ! Felt like giving up in a couple of places and at one point looked at the app thinking I will only have a minute to go and it was still another 5 ! Persevered though primarily because I didn't want to repeat the day if I could avoid it! Weather was cool so it wasnt the heat just my stickability. Yesterday on the non run day I walked for approx. 2.5 miles and the day before prior to the run walked for a couple of miles so am thinking I might not have rested up enough hence the lack of oomph. Anyway I got there - my last run as a 56 year old !!! Here's to the last one of Week 8 on Wednesday : )

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👏🏼👏🏼I found W8 quite hard too- and I’m guessing you have a birthday (tomorrow ?) so many happy returns for then 🎂

Eveb1Graduate in reply to SweatyHettie

Thank you! Looking forward to a cake,coffee and curry at various times throughout the day and evening ☕🎈🎂


Well done for sticking with it and many happy returns for tomorrow. I did my first run of week 8 today as a 63yr old. The extra 3minutes was a killer wasn’t it! My run was cool to thankfully. Anyway, we’re nearly there so not not giving up now!

Eveb1Graduate in reply to MMP175

Thank you!! The extra minutes can feel like a lot however if we look back to a few weeks ago even running for 60 seconds was forever!! ( For me it was) . Well done for getting to this point 👏👏


The coaches on the plan bestow the title of “runner” on us at an earlier point... but for me, a runner is defined by getting through runs like you had today... it gets tough out there (I’ve aced a 10k and struggled on a 5k shortly after 🤷‍♂️). Running produces those challenging times, and we may dislike it in the moment, but later we look back and love the fact we got over the finish line. Great job out there... have a wonderful birthday (mine is Saturday) and enjoy closing out this plan... the next run will be smoother, relax into it and love every step.


Keep going, it can be hard work - Especially for us oldies:). Better than sitting on the couch though - and I feel much fitter for it - more energy and stamina all round:)

Eveb1Graduate in reply to Bamboo20

Thank you - in my head I am 25 - just needing my body to get the message !!!


I have just finished the same run today and it was tough going! Exactly as you described, my motivation was 'I don't want to repeat this run!' We did it though (we are awesome!) and happy birthday!

Eveb1Graduate in reply to Saladays

Thank you !! Have just come back from the park where I ran yesterday but this time met friends had birthday cake coffee and lots of scones and yesterday seemed like a distant memory. May need to rectify the indulgences tomorrow but hey ho 28 mins is fab - well done !!

SaladaysGraduate in reply to Eveb1

Sounds amazing and when we are big bad graduates there is always going to be space for cake with friends and running - that's our new life!


Well done!! Happy birthday!! 🎉🎉🎉I am 56 this year so also an oldie😂 I did week 8-1 this morning and am having to jog quite slowly due to knee pain. Weirdly I enjoy going slower- rather than gasping for breath wishing it was over I can enjoy the lovely country side😀

Eveb1Graduate in reply to AlysP

Thank you ! Now that I have given myself permission to go slow its a lot easier !! Also looking forward to the day when I go out and run spontaneously just because I can !!! Age is just a perspective !!!! Sorry about your knee pain hoping it improves soon:)


I think your right, your not resting on your rest days, so your body’s not getting a chance to recover properly. Take a day or two out and tackle the next one with rested legs. You’ve reached week 8 which is an achievement in itself. Stick with it 👍

Eveb1Graduate in reply to Couchphoenix

Thank you ! Had today as second rest day as well so aiming for next run early tomorrow morning !!

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