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Maybe next week

So the plan for this week was some rowing 1 or maybe 2 gentle easing back into it runs and maybe a swim.


Nope didn't do any of it, even loaded my bike into the car for the 5/10minute ride to bike maintenance lesson this week.

But I did start back at work and that made my ribs very hurty and I was so very tired.

I haven't given up I still plan to run plus er there is the 10k morun I've paid for at the end of November. So plan next week - 1 or 2 gentle runs, some rowing and maybe a swim and a spot of yoga.

In other news I am doing battle to get a flu jab, I say I meet the eligibly criteria, but I'm not on the magic list, doctors receptions say I don't meet the criteria and so a question has been put through to the nurse who is off sick. If they still say no I will then be asking who I complain to because it's very clear those with chronic neurological conditions are eligible. M.E is classified by the World Health Organisation as neurological and this classification is recognised by the Department of Health. But seems I'm not the only M.E patient who has been told we no longer meet the criteria, so I want to know how they are making this decision when it's very clear that we do. Let alone the fact there is also an option for doctors discretion if you have a chronic condition, or weakened immune system that would be seriously compromised if you got flu. I have multiple chronic conditions for godsake surely someone must have a brain cell. I've always had it in the past with no problem until I moved to my current surgery. Oh and criteria of asthmatic has also changed no longer enough to have the condition you have to be activity on steroids, so I can't use that as my reason any more :( ....

.... And breath.

Yes I am very grumpy.


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I have to have a barney with the doc's receptionist every year. I have MS and when I get a high temperature things go VERY BAD - one time I went completely spastic and felt like I'd been plugged into the powerstation never mind the mains plug - couldn't get a doc out for love nor money. Spent half the night with one of my neighbours (husb away, natch) on the phone to the out of hours service while they put us on hold to look in their medical textbooks. Shocking lack of knowledge of what is quite a common illness if you look at the stats, and better understood than ME, so I can understand why you have trouble!

The nurse is always supportive when I get in to actually have the jab, but you've got to get past those receptionists first. They're like flippin Dobermans!


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