I'm so darn frustrated after visit to Physio!

Heel swelling was getting worse after gentle exercise this week, have done no running at all, so decided to take action and visit a Sports Injury Clinic at my gym. Physio says I have a Peroneal Tendinopathy. I've had massage, Ultrasound and I'm taped up with lovely pink sports tape!!!

No running at all, gentle exercise only in the gym i.e. rowing, cycling and no impact classes :(

I'm of the opinion that my old body is trying to tell me something here, but I'm darn sure I'm not giving up my running!! I'm off to make a big pan of leek & potato soup then I'll attack my exercises she gave me. This is not a good start to the weekend, I had planned on a run later this afternoon (for a change) and a run on Sunday morning, duh :(

Have a good weekend where ever you are and I hope its much warmer than up here in the very cold NE Scotland, its baltic outside today. Sorry folks moan over, I promise to be more positive in future.


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15 Replies

  • Yes, Oldgirl, stop moaning, that's my job!

    Wish you a speedy recovery though.

  • Oooh, leek & potato soup, my favourite - perfect for this weather.

    Sorry to hear about your heel, but you know you're doing the right thing by resting it. You're allowed to moan on this forum. It's good therapy to write it down and then if you're like me your mood lifts and you can move on. So hope you recover quickly and keep us posted on how you get on.

  • The soup is made, I've had my coffee and my new exercises have been done, sorted (as they say). :)

  • well done. I figure you're not a proper runner til you've been injured! :-)

  • :( It won't be forever and in the meantime stay strong with all the other stuff you can do!

  • Oh no, I feel for you and totally understand your frustration. I hope it heals quickly and you can hit those mean roads ago.

  • Hope you feel better soon oldgirl, from reading your blogs I know you are very determined and will do what it takes to get back on track. :-)

  • I feel frustrated for you too. Hope it's better soon.

    Meanwhile, please can I have some of that soup? It sounds delicious! :)

  • Poor you, but that leek and potato soup sounds yummy!

    If it's any consolation my knee is the size of an elephant's right now -- didn't hurt it running so gawd knows what I'v done to it, so I'm out of action too. Let's moan together ? :x

  • Aahhhh so sorry to hear your knee is playing up Delia, its so frustrating when these things happen, more so if you don't know whats caused it. Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery for both of us.

    By the way how did you do your 'red cross face'?

  • colon followed by an "x"

  • Ooohhhhhh just got to do one :x

  • Oh no Liz so sorry to hear this. :( Moaning is allowed here BTW but hope all gets better soon.

    Sue :)

  • ooooh you so have my sympathy - I had exactly the same injury halfway into c25k and stupidly ran on it - then had to stop for what felt like ages and start from scratch.

    It was hard but I really made myself wait til it was totally better and now I've done the whole programme and I'm running regularly with no difficulty so there is hope! You must feel really down about it - but with the weather this freezing some cross training inside might even be a relief. Could you swim maybe?

    If you can make yourself do the exercises every day you will still be doing running training. I'm actually glad now that I ended up seeing a physio because it made me do lots of the leg strengthening exercises recommended for runners.

    Hope they work for you too - and it heals up pronto

  • Thanks parkbirdy, I have been doing the exercises the physio gave me, even done them for the other leg too. As I see it there isn't much point in stregthening one leg and not doing the same for the other. She has said to do cycling and rowing in the gym and I can concentrate on the weight machines too. If it takes more than a couple of weeks I'll try and find a good pool to get swimming again, the open session times for this gym are not good for my membership and the pool isn't very good either. They will be opening a new olympic pool in 2014, can't wait, really looking forward to that. I will really miss my exercise classes though and zumba which I did 3 times a week. Yikes think I'll have to get my boots on and walk for 10 hours a day to make up for lack of exercise. She didn't say I can't walk but its very, very cold here today.

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