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No more running this week :(

Yesterday I left a voice mail with two different physios. One of them called me back at 5. The other hasn't called back yet (I wonder how anyone can hope to stay in business if they can't even be bothered to answer calls from prospective customers). Went to see her this morning.

The good news is that I can expect to recover enough to be able to participate in my HM on the 19th October. Yay!!!

The bad news is that I mustn't run at all until I see her again next Monday. On Monday we'll talk about gentle jogging. I also mustn't swim breast stroke due to the kicks with the legs, and the last time I tried front crawl (30 years ago) I felt like I was drowning. So no swimming. No exercise cycling, but maybe a gentle, relaxing, short cycle trip on Saturday, but nothing like spinning. So while I will probably get to the starting line, she expects that I *will* be losing fitness, and might not be able to run the whole way.

I'm optimistic though. If I can be get to the start line, and if I can jog gently, then I shall be jogging gently for as long as it takes on the 19th!

Happy running all :)

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Great news Tomas. Light at the end of the tunnel. Physios usually err on the side of caution so this sounds pretty optimistic.

I have a feeling that you will be there on the 19th! Keep everything crossed.


Hi Tomas

Could you do a bit of gentle stretching just to keep you supple and moving so you're not going to snap in half when you try and start running. Thinking calves! A few yoga moves, ever so gently performed, just to keep you ticking over.

It's typical innit! Just when you need to be right, this happens. Grrrrrr! So frustrated for you. On the up side though, it doesn't sound too bad, so I have my fingers crossed that things will be ok.

There is that thing of pre-race jitters which makes your toes curl up like you're wearing Turkish slippers. I got that the night before my first race. It was like someone had a string attached to my big toe and was pulling it up. It's nerves, anxiety, call it what you will but it's real and it can play merry hell with your already twanging hamstrings etc. So bit of relaxation wouldn't go amiss.

I had a pampering session the night before my last race so I was distracted from thinking about you know what. No, not that!!!! The race. Tut!


Thanks both for the friendly comments.

Actually I more than *can* do a bit of stretching, Miss Wobble. I have to. The physio told me to do hamstring stretches for 5 minutes 3 times a day until Monday, at which time she's going to introduce some more stretching. Turns out that my range of motion on the good leg is pretty crappy as well, so I'm hamstrung by my hamstrings, so to speak.

And yes, it's typical, and it reminds me of the builder who taught me the old 6 P's mantra - prior planning prevents piss poor performance. Of course I should have been worked on range of motion sooner, but better late than never.

As for thinking about that. Don't you know that blokes always do that? Even when we claim to be thinking about the race *lol*.


How frustrating for you! But at least it is just a week's rest for now, which might actually give you a boost the next week. And it is great you can still hopefully do your HM, gentle jog or fast walk who cares, you will still get there as you say! Enjoy putting your feet up for a bit, you'll be back out there before you know it


Sounds promising for your race Tomas ... Do as the physio says and I'm sure you'll make your race. Where there's a will there's a way :)


Good news Tomas. I'm off running still too. Might just about be back to training in time for tapering down for the 19th... lol


Sounds a bit more hopeful for you. Just have to try and be patient - which isn't easy!!


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