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Week6 R1

1 thing i have learnt is i seem to be a better morning runner than evenings, but work means tahts not always possible.

Run1 hmm funny old thing after the 20mins of last week, fist 5 mins wa snothing unusual,just settling into my usual pace, then the 8 moin , boy did taht seem like twice as long for some reason but then the last 5 moins i found myself just running,didnt seem to be hardly breathing ?? soon stopped that and ran the last min faster :D

So slow start to week 6 but on my way :D my work friends are suitably impressed :D :D so am I :D :D

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Well done Rob.. keep it up!!! :-) Looks like your keyboard doesn't work as good in the evening either :-)

I've only done a few morning runs... so not sure if it would make a difference... will have to test it out.

Keep going.


Thanks Andy ,my typing skills are pretty rubbish :) and that is only using 2 fingers !


Ha ha...:-) I couldn't survive without a spill chicker!!


good one :D


Easy breathing and a kick finish! Brilliant. Just had a glass of vin so had no trouble reading your post at all :D


Haha hate to think what my typing would be like after a glass or two


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