Week6 Done!

I did w6r3 today and managed to complete it without stopping.

However, I think I might just be dead! I can hear my sons arguing over the playstation so maybe, just maybe, I'm still alive but it's a slim chance!!!!!

I'm also not sure if my pace can be classified as running, it was more of a slow walk backwards lol.

In all seriousness though I started off and I went slow as I didn't think I'd get through it and around the 10 min mark my legs were telling me to stop, they'd had enough and wanted to walk. But I kept going and pushed through it and the next few mins were hell. But then Laura said there was only 5 mins left and suddenly I felt better and thought I can do 5 mins. Mentally counting down (which I'm really bad at) I thought I had 2 mins left but Laura said only 1 so I picked up the pace a little and then I was done.

Legs killing, face some sort of colour between red and purple, not smelling too sweet and somewhat breathless I'D DONE IT! I ran for 25 mins without stopping and Laura tells me I'm a runner.

I'm proud of myself for doing it although I don't really feel like a runner as I'm so slow and although running for 25 mins I'm nowhere near 5k I'm managing about 2.3 miles which is just under 4K I think. So come graduation week I doubt I'll be doing 5k even if i'm running for 30 mins.

I'm off for a big glass of water and a lie down (aka collapse on the couch till my legs decide to move again)...... Still.... I DID IT!!!!! #yayme


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  • Well done Sezza2u!!!! However, you are scaring me a tad with the declaration you thought you were dead on run 6! I'm on Week 1 Run1 and cannot imagine getting to where you are at the moment! But, despite being at the beginning and you heading near the end, we are both thinking the same thing "We did it" yayme sums it up well!!!!


  • Hi LucyAB123,

    I was exactly the same on W1R1 I ran for the first min and thought I couldn't possibly keep this up. I never thought I would ever be able to run for 5 mins at a time never mind anything more.

    The programme really does work, you just need to keep going and make sure you complete each run. Even if it means you need to repeat one or more of them to do so. Don't worry about the weeks ahead just concentrate on the one you are doing now or next. If I think about the next increase for me I think it's not possible so I don't think about it.

    One thing I have learnt is that the biggest block is the mental one. The programme helps you physically to be able to do this but it is our thoughts that hold us back. It's hard work, I won't lie. I don't think anyone finds any of this easy but we keep going and we do it and we feel great when we do.

    Well done on taking up the programme and you can/will do it. You will be healthier, fitter and proud of yourself too... I'll be looking out for your week 6 post ;-)

    Good Luck!

  • Your post does sum it up! Once we get past our minds.. our bodies work perfectly (ish) well!

    I'll be there to congratulate you on your graduation! Well done so far!


  • Yayyyy well done...I've just got back from Wk6r1 and all done, another ticked off the list...I even ran a teeny bit more during the cool down walk at the end, as had been so slow...

    Decided that the shoes def need replacing, I'm getting back ache now and I'm sure it's the flat feet issue!

    Congrats again x

  • Well done.

    I had back ache too before I bought new shoes. You should get a gait analysis done as you might have what I had, over pronation. If so then you'll need some insoles to straighten you up. Took away my back ache instantly. x

  • Yay, well done!!!

    We're at the same stage, I did w6 r3 on Saturday. Sounds like we're at the same pace as well, slow, slow, slow. My view is that as long as I'm running (shuffling) that will do. It's better than watching tv on the couch isn't it.

    I'm starting week 7 tonight so have got it all to do again.

  • Well done !

    Keep going , you're doing great ! :-) xxx

  • Woo! Well done you! πŸ˜€

  • sehoping to go tomorrow after work...I know I have severe over pronation, I have no instep and the hospital podiatrist gave me inserts for my winter boots...but they are hard plastic, no good for running....

    I'm hoping it will help me run further if I'm not in pain, it's frustrating as I'm not out of breathe, just hurt! Xx

  • Well done Sezza. Amazing job. It doesn't matter how slow, YOU DID IT.

    I'm starting week 7 tomorrow so we are in roughly same place.

    I did 2.86 miles so doubt I will do 5k in 30 minutes either but I don't care. I never thought I would be able to run for 30 minutes 6 weeks ago and now it is within reach.

    We can work on the speed after graduation.

    Jules x

  • You run wayyyyy faster than I do Jules...I just got to 2.1miles today...😒

  • I have just returned from walking my route with strava as someone told me a pedometer was not accurate and it would seem to be true.

    2.4miles so quite a difference. My garmin should be here for tomorrow's run so I will know for sure. Not much difference πŸ˜ƒ

    Am in London all day and have a cold so hoping I can manage it.

    Jules x

  • Still further than me hahahahaha, be interesting to see how the garmin measures it...

    Don't push yourself too hard with a cold xx

  • I'll be good and will let you know how far it really is.😘

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