Week4 R1

Good morning :D Run1 completed much to my amazement :D especially after the 1st 3 mins, boy that seemed like a step to far , maybe it was the 2 day break but anyway the 5min runs really weren't that bad :D and the last 5 misns was really good :D and what a lovely morning to run :D Still cant believe this me i am talking about, Running ?? lol

have a great week every one :D


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16 Replies

  • Well done Rob... you have given me inspiration for my Run 1 of week 4 this evening!! :-) I am hoping that my struggle through my last run of week 3 was a blip and that perhaps my busy Sunday didn't help.

    Going to try to set off a bit slower, but I'm convinced I can walk faster!! But appears from others that this isn't a problem and we can work on speed later.

  • Hi Andy,thanks :D I definitely run slow and steady :D i do push myself a little on the last run ,only as i know i can walk at the end of it lol I did read on the NHS site its says we can have good and bad runs , just accept them and move on to the next one :D look forward :D

    I do look forward to my runs now , This my battle with years of smoking and being a complete lazy git really !!

    There is a lot of support and encouragement from everyone on here and seeing their stories helps :D Hope your run goes well Andy you can do it :D

  • Ditto on all of that!!! Will post the outcome in the morning :-)

  • Look forward to seeing you completed your run Andy :)

  • Well done you, Rob. Finding the enjoyment is half the battle :)

  • Thanks Thomas :)

  • Great job! :)

    Sounds like you've really got into it! Keep on going - you'll be amazed at what you can do :)

  • Thanks atomic :) it seems i have :D to think 8 months ago i was smoking between 30-40 a day !! Every week I have to pinch myself and think wow did i really just do that :) I was definitely one of those who thought "i can't run" but I can :D I am sticking to the program i want to succeed :D

  • Whoop :-) well done you! Can tell you are a little bit happy :-) so pleased for you. R1 for me tomorrow as well. And good news from the metrodome they don't have restrictions on their shiny new running machines (which appear have more technology in them than my laptop) so I've got no excuse not to run when it's wet and rainy xxz see you (virtually) tomorrow :-)

  • aaaw thanks Snow :D could you tell that i was a little bit happy? dam i normally hide that well :D Oh sounds very good :D apprently a smart phone ha smore computing power than the one suse din teh moon landing lol full of useful info me :D Hope your run goes well tomorrow :D look forward to virtually seeing you too :) xx

  • excuse my rubbish typing too :)

  • Lol xx

  • Well done Rob on giving up the fags and taking up this amazing life changing challenge.

    Going from 30-40 fags a day to being a non smoker is some achievement , I hope you are very proud of yourself !

    Youre going great guns Rob, just keep doing what youre doing , you wont go far wrong . Onwards, always and all the very best to you :-) xxx

  • Aaw thanks so much poppy. Very kind of you :-D I am proud and determined to keep on going forward :-D xx

  • Your lungs must be wondering what's happened to them! Well done matey.

  • Thanks useit :D it wasnt just my lungs!! but feeling so much better now , alot of people who know me look at me as if I am mad now , not smoking and running ( slowly i will add ) thanks again for your kind words

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