w5 r1

I finished off week 4 with a flourish - running an extra minute. Not a great achievement for a serious runner, but amazing to me! So I went to the gym today fairly confident that I would complete the run. I did 3 * 5 minute runs then I thought I'd do a bit more and did another couple of minutes. (5+5+7). My next run is 2*8 minutes and I'm pretty confident I'll be able to do that and slightly worried I'm getting complacent.

The last run of the week scares the pants off me - 20 minutes just seems impossible right now.

I must say that the advice I got to slow right down and breath better has helped enormously. I am so grateful. I'd never have got through otherwise. Thanks.


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  • Gosh, well done. Everyone seems to be being so successful. My wk3, run 2 tomorrow morning (in 10 hours time) Am I looking forward to it - not likely - especially in this weather! Haven't missed a beat yet 'tho.

  • I'm sure you'll do it. You completed w3r1 so you can do it again and easier this time.

    good luck

  • That's pretty fantastic you could push out another couple of minutes after the run - a sure sign that your fitness is improving. Don't worry about the 20 minutes. Easier said than done, but it loomed large for most of us here. But the magical thing is your ability is already there, you just have to prove it to yourself. Can't wait to read that post - happy running.

  • It is an amazing achievement! Week 5 is not anywhere near as difficult as you imagine. You've followed the program so you know you have the stamina to do it - it's just the mind gremlins playing tricks on you :)

  • That 20 minute run is nothing to fear. Even if you don't complete it........just repeat it until you do. The likelihood is that you will amaze yourself and it will slowly dawn on you that C25k really does work and that you are getting fitter already. Be prepared for aching facial muscles.......you will grin for days, and rightly so.

    Good luck.

  • Its so exciting that everyone is so positive. I'm going to remember what AliPru says when I get to week 5 "not anywhere as difficult as you imagine" - Ha Ha - I bet it is! Anyway, wk 3, r2 done - legs felt like blocks of stone when I started and it was very difficult - but I did it. We all know that everyone says 'its achievable but it isn't easy' Here, here.

  • Not a great achievement? Of course it is, you couldn't have done that a few weeks ago could you? Don't worry about 20 mins, just listen to Laura and pace yourself, and it sounds like you are good at that already. It's a great moment when you crack that 20 mins..

  • The 20 mins does sound scary but is very achievable. Just keep it slow and easy to set yourself up for a win. Look forward to reading about your grin :D

  • I think we all fall short in say it is not a great achievement as EVERY single run is an achievement because we couldn't do any before we started. As the rest have said don't worry about the 20mns. I did it the last time I was on the programme and it was luckily in the "Race for Life". Trust Laura and just imagine the feeling when you complete it. Good luck. You can do it.

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