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Advice re days to run please

Hiya. I restarted C25k last week doing just the one run. This week I want to do at least 3 runs but am worried about R3 (the 20min one). I did W5R1 this morning and found it heavy going but I did it. Im having a dilemma tho.

All through doing this plan I've been running at 6a.m so I haven't had time to talk myself out of going. I'm fine for the Monday and Wednesday runs but by Friday the demons usually strap me tightly to my bed and I don't do it. Im also pretty shattered too. My weekends are pretty hectic so I don't usually have time to run then.

Would it be of any benefit just running on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning to get them all in?? I know I should have a rest day in between but im only getting 2 runs in each week usually.

Any advice gratefully accepted :-)

(Off to work now and won't be able to reply until tonight so thanks in advance xx)

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You might be safer having a little chat with those demons.... Better to get two runs a week in over a long period of time and acquire the running habit, which may or may not see you running 3 times a week eventually, than to put the '3 times a week' ahead of all else and not complete the programme, feel bad, be hobbling about because you've injured yourself. If you don't think of it as a 'rest day' but as a day when your body makes something with what you've given it (which is true)., it may seem more constructive.


I agree two runs are definitely better than three all together. I know it's probably hard to think of now but while we learn to run we are setting the atmosphere to how we will continue to run after graduation. For some it gets harder after we graduate to keep the momentum going. So if you get into a habit of 2 days a week running then after graduation that is still a healthy exercise regime rather than getting to injury and quitting because of no rest time. The program is set up to advise and help you to get running to be an addition to your life. The best way to do that is let it fit in where it's most comfortable and work with that, your still off the couch and that the most important thing. After graduation you could be going out and running 10k every week over two days that's got to be something to aim for.


I don't know about anyone else but I need that rest day. Bits begin to fall off if you don't take the rest day. If you want to finish this thing you will find time to do it. It's not a large chunk of time out of your day so you have to find a way of clearing the decks to get it done. You'll be glad that you did

Good luck with it


As misswobble has said, I found I've needed the rest. In fact I've completed the programme running once every 3 days on average, just because I couldn't put my knees and calves through anything more than that. 2 runs per week is still 2 more than you were doing when you started!


Thanks so much for all your words of wisdom. I decided against cramming the three runs together and have decided to go with my original plan of alternate days. I kinda knew rest days are important but was thinking aloud. Many thanks again :-)


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