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Week 7 run 3 in the bag!! And a snake 😳😱

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Completed run 3 of week 7 today and felt pretty good!! Can definitely feel myself getting used to these longer runs now and although it still feels pretty hard going, it definitely feels more and more doable!! And the thrill when the run is finished always outweighs any hardship!!

I usually start my watch at the beginning of my warm up walk but thought i would just monitor my run today, to see how im getting on. Only covered 3.35km which was a little deflating given that im nearly at those 30 min runs, but Im trying to just keep focussed on the time im doing, because i know that is the most important achievement in this!!

Only real spanner in the works today was that just after the 20 min mark i nearly trod on a snake in the road!!! Scared me half to death and that threw me off with my stride AND breathing, so the last few mins felt particularly tough!! 🀣😳 kept me alert though!

Now bring on week 8! πŸ€—πŸ€—

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That’s a great time and distance! I’m only on 3.2km in 28mins but I’m not bothered - I’m learning to love running so hopefully will keep it up afterwards!

You’re doing great!

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JamicharlaGraduate in reply to HelenofTroy123

Thank you! I agree - for me its definitely mostly about getting out there and getting into it! Was just interested to see where I was at! Ive enjoyed the way the structure of this programme helps you to just keep progressing and im hoping to just keep that up afterwards!! Yoh must he getting close to that graduation now then - best of luck with it!!

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So well done!.. I'm a run behind you - Run 1 went like a dream!..Run today was like a bag of spanners!... I completed it but didn't feel great.... I'm so glad we aren't doing the intervals now tho.....

Well done to you! - Week 8 beckons! and well done on not completely losing it with the snake... I was doing a video for my friend after my run and a bumble bee came by my ear.. I launched my NEW phone!.... D'ohh

Good luck on week 8 :-)

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JamicharlaGraduate in reply to Tinytears60

🀣🀣 oh dear! The wildlife definitely brings its own challenges! Hope your phone is ok! I wanted to get a pic of the snake but a) i was scared and b) i didnt want to fluff the run!

Ive definitely had a mixed bag with the runs this week, so i hear you with that! Well done for persevering - i think the harder runs always feel a bit sweeter when we get through them! I agree with the intervals - can definitely feel harder to get going sometimes, so its good to just be powering through now!!

Really looking forward to week 8 now!! Hope your final run of this week goes well!!

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Oh wow - if I’d been in your situation Jamicharla, I’d have out run Usain Bolt! A snake?😱! Well done for continuing, week 8 beckons! You’re right to concentrate on the time not the distance - most of us don’t get to 5k at the end of the plan but that’s fine, it will come eventually. Enjoy week 8!

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JamicharlaGraduate in reply to Oldgirlruns

I definitely picked up speed for a few 😱 thanks for the words of encouragement. Really looking forward to week 8 now πŸ€—

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Nice one. Seems like you are progressing well!

Don't worry about distance run, from what I can tell not many people manage the 5k in 30 minutes during C25K, and many people never get there. I don't think I'll ever get there as I'm running at a similar pace to you, but I'm fine with that - the main thing is to keep running, and enjoy all that comes along with that.

I had a bug fly up my nose one time - but never trod on a snake πŸ˜‚.

Happy running!πŸ‘

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JamicharlaGraduate in reply to Buzzybeeze

Yeah 100 percent agree with you. I think i would definitely like to be able to run 5k (and hopefully beyond that) eventually, but im not so concerned about how long it actually takes me to run it!! So long as its somewhat enjoyable i think thats whats really important! Lol i choked on a fly in one of the first few weeks!! The chsllenges of nature!! πŸ€£πŸ™ˆ

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A snake? Yikes, would have thrown me off too. Well done for completing though! πŸ’ͺ🏼

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JamicharlaGraduate in reply to Busylady1

I know.... never seen a snake in the wild before 😳😳

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