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Considering re-doing Week 6

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Morning people. So I started Week 6 last Monday and the first run went well, completed it with no issues. I had planned to do the second run on the Wednesday but, due to lack of energy & having a really busy day, I didn't manage to carry it out. However, I made time on the Thursday and was determined to complete it, which I did that morning, although I found it fairly tough going. I then missed run three yesterday due to work commitments and am disappointed at how irregular my running was for the week. I could try and squeeze in run three tonight, although I don't feel as well-prepared for it as what I wanted to be and feel like I'm rushing things, which I don't want to do. I like to run on a Mon-Weds-Fri cycle, as this fits best for me around other commitments so am just thinking of starting Week 6 again from tomorrow as, looking ahead, I should be able to complete it the way I want to this week coming. Has anyone else restarted this week for similar reasons? Am I doing the right thing or should I just carry on where I left off (W6 R3) ?

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You a say a certain timetable fits in best...........but in Week 6 it did not.

Why not just be flexible, don't agonise that life sometimes gets in the way of the best laid plans.........that happens to all of us.

C25k weeks do not have to coincide with calendar weeks and there is nothing wrong with having two or three days between runs, as far as building your stamina is concerned. You are not are spreading your runs out.

This sounds far more of a psychological rather than physical situation. You are in control and can do exactly as you wish, but, as with every run, if you complete it, you are ready to move on.

Being a runner is about facing challenges and you know that it is not possible to fail, in our eyes, so why not just carry on and do W6R3? What have you to lose?

This might help

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Good job so far. Life will probably mess your synergy up again... I’d just do the next run tomorrow, and then you’ll be fine for another couple of weeks like the one you just had.

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I agree with the others, just go with run 3 because that's where you are in the programme and that's what you're ready to do next. Don't worry about making it fit with calendar days, as long as you always take at least one rest day between runs of course. Also, the whole of week 7 is identical to W6R3 so after you've done it once you'll know you can do week 7 as well.

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Thanks for the advice guys, I guess you're right, I need to be more flexible and not beat myself up so much just because I didn't run when I had planned to. I will attempt W6 R3 today, hopefully this morning, and shall report back on how I got on.

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Hey guys. So I did the run and completed the full 25 minutes 🙂. I'm feeling very pleased although now quite drained and achey. I found the last few minutes of the run really tough going, wanted to stop but I pushed on and did it. Now onto week 7 and I promise I will be more flexible with which days I run and have less of the regimented mentality. 👍🏻

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