I did it i did it, Week 5 run 3 in the bag – ESSAY ALERT!

This morning i woke to my biggest challenge since week1 r1 , after having to take 2.5 weeks off due to injury (due to being fitted with the wrong running shoes) and fit enough to run again, recovering on the treadmill, i went out this morning and did w5 r3 outside in the day light!!!!! Up until the injury i would only go late at night when the world was snoozing but this plan has given me a new found confidence. When i started the c25k i did it on my own, Mr Flump decided i was having too much fun and of course i needed supervising when out as apparently i get into all types of trouble when left to my own devices, he decided to join me on my C25K Journey, which is now become our journey.

We are fortunate to live on the south coast and this morning was a beautiful morning, so after waking Mr Flump and asking him if he wanted to run inside or out, he opted for in..... i managed to convince him that we could go to Hayling Island and run the Billy trail..... For those of you who don’t know it, i believe it is the old railway line which has since been made into a wonderful, walk, run, cycle, horse riding route right next to the water and FLAT (which is very important).

So off we set, after 2 mins i was ready to die, i couldn’t get my breath, so i talked myself through what i was feeling and why, remembering i had completed the last 8 runs on the treadmill which i found sooooo much easier than outside. I decided i must be going too fast so i slowed it down, i swear the walkers thought i was having so sort of attack as i huffed and puffed my way past them. I had already decided as soon as Laura said you are half way i was turning round to head back. But when she said i had run 5 mins, i thought she was lying to me, it felt like i had run for at least 8 or 9mins, but i kept going. at 10mins in if Laura was real i would of kissed her, seriously that was the sweetest voice i have heard in a long time. We turned around and began our long slow trek back, but i was really starting to wane so i slowed it down to a pace which grass grows faster than i was moving, however i was still moving and in my mind that was still better than giving up. At two mins to go, i was so close to stopping and would of been really angry at myself if i had given into my gremlins, instead i picked a spot on the floor where i went into the shade and kept saying “just get to the shade” once there i would say “get to the sun” and so on until Laura said it was time.

Oh my gosh i cried when she said it was over, i couldn’t believe it 8 weeks ago i thought that Mr Flump would find me slumped up against some car in the wee hours of the morning and today i managed to keep moving for 20mins that is such an accomplishment as i am not small by any stretch of the imagination.

Next week i have to go out of the country for work and now i think i am ready to take to the streets while gone and not be ashamed of my size but proud that i am doing something for me and enjoying it. Also i think i have discovered the secret of this plan, it’s not about how far or how fast it’s about keeping moving not matter the speed just keep moving and believe in yourself.

Thank you everyone for the time and inspiration you give to all who come here, you are all amazing.


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12 Replies

  • Ah that's fab and you get out there and enjoy the outdoors - nothing , absolutely nothing to be ashamed of - you're lapping everyone of those people who sit on the couch !

    Enjoy :)

  • Thank you Birdy.

  • Well done you, you should be sooo proud of yourself. I'm a bit (a lot) on the weighty size but I don't care what people think anymore. Your out there and becoming fitter every day. Good luck for week 6.

  • What a beautiful, inspiring post. I honestly have tears in my eyes. So proud of you & sending a big virtual celebratory hug through the ether. I cried on that run too, for me it was a turning point, psychologically & physically. Look forward to hearing how your runs go whilst away. Well done!!! X

  • Thank you both, I agree Marley this plan is 80% psycholocical and 15% physical and 5% recovering from injury but boy does it make you feel alive and so glad you started it. Have a wonderful day.

  • Fantastic! I do believe you've been bitten by the running bug! Enjoy...

  • Amazingly well done...20 mins...that's a proper amount of running and you're right, if you can just keep going for the allotted time, no matter how slowly, you will finish the programme and then you can work on the speed afterwards. Keep up the good work !

  • Well done Flump superb effort :D keep at it , we all have different reasosn and different journeys with this , it i slike sticking your fingers up to everyone and saying yeah look at me I am out there doing it !!! What are you doing ??

  • I can feel your determination :) well done x

  • What an inspirational post! Well done! I am in awe of your achievement!

  • Thank you all for you kind words.

  • I love an essay, me...being one who cannot do concise!! You are doing great...that beating the gremlins and slowing it right down is the key - I frequently gasp with the snails on my 'runs'. I know now that there is nothing wrong with that!! :D

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