Week 5 - Run 3

So I had a really ropey week 5 R2. Struggled hugely with it both mentally and physically - decided I needed to repeat to try and do a more confident run. However when the run day come - sun morning. I was in London staying near Hyde Park. It was a beautiful early sunday morning - and I just thought lets do the full full 20 mins. The first 5 mins were awful - i couldn't believe when laura said only 5 mins. So I slowed it up a bit - and huffed and puffed my way through the next 10 - and I only kept running because I got that far and did not want to contemplate not finishing and having to repeat. I wanted to feel that glow of satisfaction from running for the full time. And yes I did it - I could not have got round without Laura - I would have given up. I am also certain that the programme does what it says on the tin - I have complete faith- if Laura says I can do it - I can. All round I am feeling pretty pleased.

Best of luck to everyone else

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  • Well done for getting through it. I have that run to come. Fingers crossed!

  • What you felt is not unusual (see my latest Blog post) so don't let that worry you.

    You showed a lot of determination and overcame your natural instinct to stop - that's a mental and physical win in my book.

    Well done and good luck with Week 6.

  • Week 5 for me is but light years away so I congratulate you on achieving this milestone. Well done Suzy Su!! I'm currently on week 2 so I've a lonnnnnnnnnng way to go before I get to your level. Well done. Good old Laura eh?

    Is she single?


  • 3 weeks doesn't sound like light years to me, it'll fly by!

  • 3 weeks doesn't sound like light years to me, it'll fly by!

  • Congratulations! I've just done W5R3 today as well and it was great, my energy ups and downs sound very similar to yours.

  • WELL DONE YOU! Not sure I should have read how hard it is further down the line. Just got back from W1R3 and realise this is a significant challenge to a totally non-sporty person. I did manage to do all the runs though without winding down earlier than the 60 seconds, which is an improvement on R1 I suppose.

  • Thank you everyone - for your support and comments. As for being a bit further down the line than some folk - i have found every week hard - but just trusted that Laura could keep me going. I can't believe that in about half an hour I am going to do week R1. The time has flown by - I am in complete awe of the graduates and can't believe I will be there in a few weeks!!!!

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