Week 5 Run 3 IN THE BAG!!!!!!

Wooohoooo I DID IT!!!! I'm down in Devon so opted to run on the Tarka trail.... It was perfect... I walked for 5 then ran 10 mins turning & ran the reverse... 20 mins non stop...... I would never have thought I could do it - BUT I DID!!! My calves were a tad tight so I did a couple stretches. I've not stopped grinning!!! Thank you to my running encouragers you rock!!!

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  • Thank youuuu KittyKat xxxx still buzzing!!!!!

  • That's amazing - well done! I love Devon - I'm going there in a few weeks! Not sure I will be running there though, seems quite a scary thought - I live in the Fens where it is flat, flat, flat - Devon is the complete opposite :-)

  • Devon is fab.... And I made sure the bit of the Tarka Trail I ran on.... Was flat lol ... Have a lovely time down here xxx

  • Exeter has its share of hills, but I live near the quay and run on the canal tow paths and near the river all pretty flat, which is good..lol

  • Those are great feelings aren't they? I remember feeling so chuffed when I completed a higher level too.

    Hang on to those good feelings as long as you can!

  • I'm not stopping smiling .... Till the next run lol

  • Lady Luck you should be called! Fens!!!! I'd give my eye teeth for some flat. LOL

    Well done Lisa! Nothing like a change of scene for boosting your running legs. Sounds like you had a blast

    Good for you. Enjoy the rest of your hols. Take care

  • Thank you missW..... Still buzzing xxx

  • Brilliant. A big well done you!!!! :-)

    I have just realised that I am only 9 days away from the biggy. Gulp........

  • Thank you... Good luck I'm sure you'll be fab.... Slow & steady gets us all there xxx

  • Well done - it's not so scary when it's behind you! You did the preparation and you succeeded. Good luck with week 6 but, please, treat it with respect. It's tougher than it may seem and, being back to intervals for the first two runs, quite a few people get caught out. Take it very slow and steady. All the very best to you.

  • Awwww thank you ... Sound advice as always xxxxx

  • I love reading the week5 run3 posts. It takes me back & I get excited with you. It was one of my favourite running moments & I really didn't stop grinning for days. as Beek says you savour it.

  • Thank youuuuu.... I'm so proud of myself.... I don't usually stick with things, so getting this far is amazing & I'm determined to complete the 9 weeks!!!

  • Right there with you - completed my first 20 mins Tuesday evening and still in shock! The first 5 mins were horrible with the humidity, I felt as though i could catch no oxygen at all, but kept the pace slow and finished feeling amazing. Roll on week 6!! Good luck!

  • Oooooo we are getting there!!!!! Good luck with week 6!!!! Let me know how you find it too xxx

  • I did my W5D3 run and it was really enjoyable. I threw my arms up in the air when I completed it and felt elated. It really is a sense of accomplishment! Like everyone else, I surprised myself at how far I'd come in just five weeks.

  • Well done you too!!! It really is the best feeling!!!!

  • Hey JustLisa! No wonder you can't stop smiling, you're over halfway! Loved being reminded of the Tarka Trail! On a family holiday in the last few years, we hired bikes and went from Barnstaple to Braunton....I'd love to try running there sometime....

  • Yayyyy over half way!!!!! Oh I love the Tarka Trail.... I was born here & love coming back to see family! The joys of being an Army wife.... I've lived in so many lovely & not so lovely places!

  • Well done to you - your comments sum up exactly how I feel having also just completed W5R3! It's in the bag!! For a variety of reasons I've been stuck on W5 for 3 weeks but this weekend managed to complete the run and was pleased to find I felt I could have gone on longer! I would love to be running in Devon but I'm in Australia at the moment where it's a lot warmer, but I did the run early in the morning when it was still pretty cool and that made all the difference.

  • It feels great doesn't it? Well done week 6 here we come...

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