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Week 5 Run 3 IN THE BAG!!!!!!


Wooohoooo I DID IT!!!! I'm down in Devon so opted to run on the Tarka trail.... It was perfect... I walked for 5 then ran 10 mins turning & ran the reverse... 20 mins non stop...... I would never have thought I could do it - BUT I DID!!! My calves were a tad tight so I did a couple stretches. I've not stopped grinning!!! Thank you to my running encouragers you rock!!!

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JustLisaGraduate in reply to Hidden

Thank youuuu KittyKat xxxx still buzzing!!!!!

That's amazing - well done! I love Devon - I'm going there in a few weeks! Not sure I will be running there though, seems quite a scary thought - I live in the Fens where it is flat, flat, flat - Devon is the complete opposite :-)

JustLisaGraduate in reply to LadyP79

Devon is fab.... And I made sure the bit of the Tarka Trail I ran on.... Was flat lol ... Have a lovely time down here xxx

Jol_KeenGraduate in reply to LadyP79

Exeter has its share of hills, but I live near the quay and run on the canal tow paths and near the river all pretty flat, which is good..lol


Those are great feelings aren't they? I remember feeling so chuffed when I completed a higher level too.

Hang on to those good feelings as long as you can!

JustLisaGraduate in reply to Beek

I'm not stopping smiling .... Till the next run lol


Lady Luck you should be called! Fens!!!! I'd give my eye teeth for some flat. LOL

Well done Lisa! Nothing like a change of scene for boosting your running legs. Sounds like you had a blast

Good for you. Enjoy the rest of your hols. Take care

JustLisaGraduate in reply to misswobble

Thank you missW..... Still buzzing xxx


Brilliant. A big well done you!!!! :-)

I have just realised that I am only 9 days away from the biggy. Gulp........

JustLisaGraduate in reply to runner56

Thank you... Good luck I'm sure you'll be fab.... Slow & steady gets us all there xxx


Well done - it's not so scary when it's behind you! You did the preparation and you succeeded. Good luck with week 6 but, please, treat it with respect. It's tougher than it may seem and, being back to intervals for the first two runs, quite a few people get caught out. Take it very slow and steady. All the very best to you.

JustLisaGraduate in reply to Hidden

Awwww thank you ... Sound advice as always xxxxx


I love reading the week5 run3 posts. It takes me back & I get excited with you. It was one of my favourite running moments & I really didn't stop grinning for days. as Beek says you savour it.

JustLisaGraduate in reply to waletta

Thank youuuuu.... I'm so proud of myself.... I don't usually stick with things, so getting this far is amazing & I'm determined to complete the 9 weeks!!!

Right there with you - completed my first 20 mins Tuesday evening and still in shock! The first 5 mins were horrible with the humidity, I felt as though i could catch no oxygen at all, but kept the pace slow and finished feeling amazing. Roll on week 6!! Good luck!

JustLisaGraduate in reply to Peiginthecity

Oooooo we are getting there!!!!! Good luck with week 6!!!! Let me know how you find it too xxx

I did my W5D3 run and it was really enjoyable. I threw my arms up in the air when I completed it and felt elated. It really is a sense of accomplishment! Like everyone else, I surprised myself at how far I'd come in just five weeks.

JustLisaGraduate in reply to vjscadence

Well done you too!!! It really is the best feeling!!!!


Hey JustLisa! No wonder you can't stop smiling, you're over halfway! Loved being reminded of the Tarka Trail! On a family holiday in the last few years, we hired bikes and went from Barnstaple to Braunton....I'd love to try running there sometime....

JustLisaGraduate in reply to tomlertoos

Yayyyy over half way!!!!! Oh I love the Tarka Trail.... I was born here & love coming back to see family! The joys of being an Army wife.... I've lived in so many lovely & not so lovely places!

Well done to you - your comments sum up exactly how I feel having also just completed W5R3! It's in the bag!! For a variety of reasons I've been stuck on W5 for 3 weeks but this weekend managed to complete the run and was pleased to find I felt I could have gone on longer! I would love to be running in Devon but I'm in Australia at the moment where it's a lot warmer, but I did the run early in the morning when it was still pretty cool and that made all the difference.

It feels great doesn't it? Well done week 6 here we come...


great job! You should feel really proud!


Brilliant 😀

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