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My new shoes took me new places!

My birthday was yesterday and he "who would like to think he is in charge" was a complete star and bought me some shiny new Aasics, Fuji Gel trail shoes.

Have been silly busy at work this week, so was a bit cheeky and came home after a hospital appointment and donned new shiny shoes and drove to a local wood where I promptly completed my wk6r2!

Surprised myself because in my whole life I have only ever run once cross country and hated it.

This time I loved it, I mean really loved it! It felt fantastic to be alive and lucky enough to be able to just enjoy a simple pleasure, running in lovely weather, in a lovely setting!

For those just starting out, if anyone told me I would be able to complete this, let alone love it, I would have said you were barking, so hang in there, it does get easier.

To top it all, I did 11 minutes instead of 10 on my second run and even managed to speed up for that last minute!

I now have a huge mug of tea and am sooooo happy and energised:)

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If only that feeling could be bottled and sold! Well done, and happy belated birthday x


I know, what a massive pick me up! Still grinning now :)


Happy birthday.

Sounds like a lovely birthday present and a lovely run to go with it.


Thank you, it was just great :)


What a lovely birthday present in all respects :)

And as someone nearing the end of week 3 thank you for your words of encouragement too.


Thanks Hilbean.... It really is incredible what the programme does for you !


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