New shoes but not for today

New shoes but not for today

As per "the rules" I am posting a pic of my new shoes. Cost a fortune, half a wet suit! but getting birthday money soon to help:)

However since the last run, after which my left foot & ankle were hurting, a friend has visited and walking round exhibitions and museums had me doing the MICE & Voltarol gel each evening and yesterday, but I was still only able to hobble until today when I felt I was walking OK. So I went for the long planned gait analysis. Discovered I am totally unable to run on a treadmill, but despite me feeling a bit daft jogging round the shop, the assistant said what I had already thought (over pronation of both feet, left worse than right) and I came away with these shiny new shoes (in the photo they look blue but they are lilac). However the journey to the shop and back has worsened the foot again, so I can't try them out today. This 9 week programme has taken 12.5 so far and I have 2 weeks left to do - oh dear.


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  • Lovely shoes! Hope you have many comfy miles in them (once your foot and ankle settle down). Good luckπŸ™‚

  • Lovely shoes - I just hope your wetsuits don't cost the same as Mr SCs! (note the plural as we need a winter one, a race one and a spare race one!!).

    Please don't forget you have done your mega swims at the same time as you have been doing C25K.

  • I just go with the one wetsuit lol. Yes I have been swimming too and not so worried about the fitness tailing off during forced rests but the legs turn to lead:( The Race for Life is at the end of September - it will be here before I know it!

  • The shoes are very cute and at least now you know treadmills aren't for you. Buying one of those could have cost lots of wetsuits! Stay strong you're doing blooming well getting this far, especially with hobbling gremlins.

    Fingers crossed you can try out those cute babies soon...

  • I could almost have guessed treadmills are sort of the running equivalent of an indoor pool lol.

  • Nice shoes. I'm glad you decided to take the plunge and get the gait analysis. I'm sure it will help and you are obviously a committed runner now :)

  • Have to commit at that price! There was no way I would have got round the Race for Life even walking without proper shoes. They are the stability/structured type so bound to be more expensive but they must be helping my posture in general which is a very good thing.

  • Ooh lovely new shoes!

    Go easy on that foot & you'll soon be back out there showing off your new shoes πŸ˜€

  • ty. Trying not to stress it but keen to get going again now

  • Nice!

  • Us over-pronators are prone to injury - shin splints and dodgy knees for me. BUT, having said all this, listening to my legs and taking breaks when I needed to, I have now been running since April and no injury that has made me lose more than a week! That has never happened before! The new shoes may feel a little rigid and a bit clompy at first - it's difficult to have stability without an element of rigidity. However, you'll get used to them and, at the end of the day, I wouldn't be able to run without my clompy shoes so I reluctantly accept them!

  • I tried several pairs and these aren't too clompy and although they are a bit compared to my other shoes, they are comfortable and having walked about a bit in the last night, I can feel they are helping.

    I should have listened to my feet at the end of the last run. As well as the arch aching, 5mins from the end I knew I was getting a blister from the insole but kept going. When it got to the warm down walk, I was in too much pain to even walk a step until I removed the insole, then I could hobble. Shows how pig-headed I can get. I must learn to balance finishing a run and injuring myself!

  • Oooh Saucony. πŸ˜‹

    Lovely! I have three, erm, no, four pairs 😊😎.

  • Whoa...niiiiice will def have some happy times in those!! Hopefully sometime soon x

  • Lovely shoes, I love my saucony shoes. They feel a bit weird to begin with but they will really help and I'm sure you will notice the difference x

  • I wore them to the pub last night (I had to walk to the pub to break them in of course:p ) and they were comfortable and my ankle felt better. A few hours of standing ironing has not helped :(

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