Couch to 5K

Week 2 Run 1

Light evenings are here again which means I can start exercising outdoors by the canal where the passing traffic can't see my blubbery bottom whilst out running! Even took the other half out and even though he is much slimmer and fitter than me I think he is liking this challenge!

So we did Week 1 last week but didn't actually get the chance to do the 3rd run due to various other committments. So we missed the last run off and went straight into Week 2 last night - I know the point of doing the programme is to stick with the instructions but we both felt we could do it and boy was it hard work. Its the two last 90 second runs that are tough (well on a scale of 1-10 I would say about they were about a 7) especially when I have bad knees at the moment. However we stuck with it (and made it up the horrible hill that leads up to our house) and felt better for it.

Fingers crossed that this, along with healthier eating, will drop me a dress size before my holiday at the end of May.

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Hi I have just started week 2 too, are you enjoying it ? It is tough but its a great feeling when you finish isn't it ?


It really does feel worthwhile when you finish - dreading the forthcoming weeks so hope to stick to it!


One of the reasons that I have completed each run, even though I feel I could fast forward a little bit, is that I have suffered all my adult life with weak knees. In my teens I had to have physiotherapy for 3 months to try to avoid having them surgically pinned. Thankfully, the physio helped but I am and will continue to be careful and I; therefore, complete each run before moving on in order to reduce the risk of injury. Sorry, I know I am being a nag but it is because I worry about my own knees :D

As I have progressed through the plan, I have noticed that my legs are becoming stronger and one that that has helped reduce the stiffness is to walk a bit longer than the 5 minute post run walk and to then do my yoga stretches.

How nice to have someone to run with. I wish I could get my hubby out to run with me but he is very stubborn :D

Happy running xxx


Thanks K, am trying to be really careful with my running style so not to jar the knees with the impact but am sure with a bit of weight loss (and I have a fair bit to lose) and gaining some strength will help. Glad to hear you are becoming stronger :) Bribe your hubby to go with you ;) x


Believe me, I've tried! :D


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