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10k in 3 parts

Although I ran yesterday Miss garmin gave me a recovery time of 20 hours. Little did she realise we are walking round the world for work and I did 3 miles at lunchtime. So as I was interrupted yesterday I decided to try for 10k today.

Coming back from injury is not easy and I ran out of puff a number of times. I could hear Bazza saying it's okay to walk but I've decided it really isn't when you put all the effort into doing C25K and then B210K it's frustrating as hell to have to walk up a hill because you hadn't run distances or properly for a while.

I had a few issues with Miss Garmin and ended up having 3 sections of my 10k but overall I was really pleased I did venture out.

A bit silly having exercised yesterday but thankfully only tired now. No issues with hamstrings. I also equalled my PB for 1k in 5:16.

Split Time Distance Avg Pace

1 11:15.9 1.61 7:00

2 10:58.3 1.61 6:49

3 10:07.6 1.59 6:22


32:21.9 4.81 6:44

1 :18.2 0.03 11:52

1 8:58.8 1.61 5:35

2 10:42.9 1.61 6:40

3 10:57.6 1.61 6:49

4 4:32.2 0.47 9:33


35:11.5 5.30 6:38


6.29miles in 1hr 7mins 53 secs

Not bad for my first long run after injury. Miss Garmin suggests 44 hours so we'll try that ;-)

Happy running all!

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Funny that. I was also "walking around the world" yesterday. I think we work for the same Canadian-owned company ;-)

Very respectable times there, particularly given that you're just coming off the injury couch. Well done! :)

If your Miss Garmin calculates the recovery time the same way as the watch I'm currently lusting after (oh if only those Canucks would pay more!), then the 44 hours is until next *hard* run, rather than until any running. Not that I'm trying to tempt you into tempting fate, mind you :)


Thanks Tomas - small world. There aren't many Canadian companies owned by Serge Godin ;-)

Definitely found it tough on the plus side my pedometer is 9911 for today and it's early yet


I think that's bl**dy great actually! Go you!


Thanks IP feel a lot better for it much more chilled


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