OMG I have done it - B210K

OMG I have done it - B210K

Title says it all - went for week 5 run 3 today.

Problems with my Garmin - is the GPS on, stop it restart it during the warm up. Sami says ok off you go but I'm not ready stop and start garmin again and I'm off. 2 runs of 30 minutes through the surrey hills. A bit warm today and I'm struggling from the off.

Massive puddle which the 4x4s like but I skirt around it and get stung by nettles. Trouble is I'm going on hols tomorrow and I don't want to take wet shoes with me.

Oh well onwards up the bridle path round Polesden Lacey keep checking HRM trying to keep it around 160 beats per minute. No chance not on these hills. So I keep pounding thinking of all the running buddies out there this morning doing the same. It keeps me going.

Trying to slow down down the down hills so as not get an injury and recover a bit for the next hill. Heartbreak ridge again but this time I keep going and going - proper little energizer bunny today.

Down past crabtree cottages I do like tarmac at times but again have to reign myself in as I know the next long hill is coming. So I climb and climb then Sami says it is time for the minute break. I ignore her as I started late so run on for the minute then take my minute checking Miss Garmin until it is up and off I go again.

Pass the sawmill on my left, across onto another bridle way some down hill but always up and up.

I give up checking heart rate and concentrate on breathing. Slowing down to a crawl on some of the hills but always running no stopping today. I've decided I'm running 10k today.

I put in an extra loop before the grasses trying to add some distance then I'm on the long down hill. Heart rate drops right down to 145 this is nice.

On through the trees past the farmhouse I have to keep going because today is longer. I check Miss Garmin stil another 5 minutes to go. Hmm just passed 5 miles not long ago and only 5 mins to go I'm not going to make it to 10k.

I keep running, legs are a bit lead like and I run past the sheep in the field. Get to the end of a long straight and start up the hill for home. Another hill - who designed this? It's a steep one and Sami says well done take it down to a walk. Not me, not today I only need another K top make 10 I'm going to do this. I keep going up the hill across the field and turn right along Admirals Way - nice and flat might as well run faster and get this done. Miss Garmin is being constantly checked and there it is I have done it

10K in 1:04:54 - wow.

Splits were

Mile Time K Pace

1 10:57.7 1.61 6:49

2 10:52.5 1.61 6:46

3 10:25.6 1.61 6:29

4 9:59.0 1.61 6:12

5 10:34.1 1.61 6:34

6 10:05.3 1.61 6:16

7 1:59.8 0.36 5:32


1:04:54.0 10.02 6:29

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone here who is contributing to my running journey

For all you undergraduates - this is what C25K and this forum has done for me in a fairly short time. It may not be record breaking, it's useless compared to the Brownlee Brothers but I started C25K in April graduating in June, B210K in July and here I am I ran for 1 hour 4 minutes and 54 seconds (yes with a 1 minute walk) when I struggled with Laura and Sami and an injured ankle.

So my reward - I'm off to Gran Canaria to frighten the locals with my day glo running shoes and C25K red vest. Actually I think I already had my reward - running 10K and extremly helpful and supporting virtual running buddies on here

Hope you all have great runs today

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46 Replies

  • Wow, that is an amazing achievement! Really great time, and wonderful timing just before you holiday. Congratulations, you should feel very proud of what you have achieved in such short time. Truly impressive.

  • Thanks Tomas - definitely chuffed with myself today

  • Ha ha! Whoop whoop! Awooga, Awooga!!!!!! Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss! You've onl gone and bloo*y done it! I knew you could. I just knew it

    You should stop when Sami tells you to. Naughty! When Sami says "take it down" you do as she says. Actually joking aside, it's only for 30 seconds, but it gives you a boost. Try it next time as you might finish faster for having had the few tiny stops.

    So, that's another dragon slain. Holiday coming up. Things are looking a bit rosy aren't they. I bet you're feeling quite smug this morning, and quite rightly too

    Have a fabulous holiday. Don your day-glo with pride and let your running legs take you to lovely new vistas. Take some photos won't you! Take care with the eats and drinks!

    Bon Voyage

  • Will do misswobble. Thank you for all your support and kind words so much easier to do this when there are all you lovely people about.

  • Wow! Congratulations. Great time as well. I'm just about to start Sami's programme but don't think I'll get near 10k in the hour...hoping for 8k!

  • Thank you, You'll surprise yourself Beth, I questioned the fact that you go back to intervals and I had to do a 5k just to make sure I could still run for 30 mins but trust Sami she got me there and I'm sure will do the same for you. Good Luck and let us know how you get on

  • Thanks. Have a great holiday by the way!

  • Will do I may even manage a few runs

  • Beth Sami podcast 1 is a bit pants as it's not loud enough but she sorts out the tech glitches and by week 2 she's firing on all cylinders. Great music which completely fits the runs and will make you laugh in lots of places. Listen out for Shakira! The runs are timed so you just run when she says, and when she tells you to "take it down", you do so. No worries

  • Yes not so good "You've run out of gas" as I was going up a hill today

  • Smashing write up and a smashing run... Have a look at those negative splits would you... even had some left in the tank to push at the end...

    Well done - what an amazing achievement... my first 10K is still very fresh in my mind so I know you'll be on cloud nine for quite a few days to come. Enjoy your rest...!

  • Thanks Aussie I was even trying to take it steady today but when you're close you might as well push on. Going to try fastest KM on holiday. Looking forward to a few shorter runs as well

  • Oh well done! You may think you're slow but your times are better than mine over 5k. Now go and impress those Gran Canarians. :-)

  • Thanks Ully. Speed is relative (I think that's what Einstein said). I know I can go faster but today was about getting to the distance. Just!

  • Fantastico! Bien viaje. :)

  • Thanks Kicki

  • Well Done :D You must be delighted!

    This is a great time too (my first continuous 10Km was very similar) and especially given all those hills :) Enjoy your rest

    Emily x

  • Thanks Em still grinning

  • Congratulations GettingFitter, that's flippin' fantastic! You've done so well and you should be really proud of what you've achieved in such a short time. Have a lovely holiday, recharge those batteries and come back refreshed and ready for more amazing runs. Fab times btw, especially given how hilly your route is! :)

  • Thanks EpicMum just glad I haven't had any more injuries.

  • That is impressive! I just started out. Gotta love Sami's music. If we could have her music and Laura's voice we'd have the perfect programme! (Nothing against Sami, I just think we all have a fondness for Laura!) Happy holidays!

  • I agree RC. Laura was good at letting you know how much longer etc. Still hate the Britney Spears track but each to their own. Is it Pirates of the Carribean that keeps getting played?

  • Woo hoo GF ! Massive congratulations to you on your achievement , must be all the Irn Bru fuel coursing through your veins :-)

    Fantastic news and an inspiration to us all :-)

    Now go and enjoy your holiday, you super athlete , you :-) xxx

  • Thanks PP - looking forward to a few celebratory Cervezas tomorrow

  • Ha ha , you lucky thing :-)

    Have one for me ! :-) xxx

  • That is fantastic, hills and 10km. That is an amazing achievement, with a brilliant time :D Enjoy your holiday and new running scenery. Congratulations, these podcasts are tough!

  • Tank you Vixchile. You're right tough but so worthwhile

  • How are you getting on with Sami. The first couple she is pretty quiet but sorts herself out so you can hear when to take the break from running? I nearly gave up and did a 42 minute run as I thought I might be going backwards. But MW put me straight and I carried on with them so I know they work. Good luck with your 10K

  • Oh me and Sami did not get off on the best of starts. First I couldn't her her, so ditched her. Then I tried following the programme without her and my knee did not like it's. So started again to try get comfortable running 40minutes, so I am a but all over the place at the moment. So going to give week2 a go next week, as I would have done 5x 40 minute runs over the last couple of weeks so hopefully will be ready to step it up next week. thank you, I just didn't appreciate that 10km is actually very hard and far.

  • You'll be fine Vix, not that long ago we thought 5K was hard and it still is ;-)

  • That's fantastic Gettingfitter - and an inspiration!

    We're taking Sami's programme steadily, spending a couple of weeks on week 1. Loved the music and surprised at how helpful those tiny one-minutes are! We did our first week 2 on Monday and couldn't believe we managed to run further than ever before. :) My GPS said 8 km - but that did include the 5 minute warm up.

    Reading your piece has convinced me that we CAN do this, but are we brave enough to work through it as quickly as you did?

  • Thanks Polly. It's a fine line between bravery and stupidity but it worked for me ;-) I do better with targets as I get impatient but really there is no rush. Good luck with Sami look forward to seeing your progress

  • What a wonderful post!!!! I am so very very pleased for you. I can hear the excitement and enthusiasm in every line you have written! You are a wonderful inspiration for us undergraduates. THANKYOU for sharing this fabulous journey you are on :D

    Best bit? --I've decided I'm running 10k today ( I felt quite emotional when I read that )

  • Thank you teabreaks I found all the posts on here inspirational and with this kind of support it makes it easier to keep going. I've felt brilliant all day

  • Congratulations and a great time. No wonder you are feeling chuffed with yourself :) Enjoy your've earned it :)

  • Thanks Paul quite easy to get a PB when it's your first :-)

  • Lol, I know what you mean but I doubt it was 'easy' ;)

  • Wow that's some going GF! Great distance and great pace. You've done remarkably well considering you just started in April. Enjoy your holiday. Think you've earned it!

  • Thanks IP I will

  • well done you, now keep up the good work and the 10ks. I love them.

  • Well that's one done. Need to get a few more under my belt

  • What a wonderful blog and an inspiration to us all.....have a wonderful well deserved holiday, you must be feeling great :)

  • Superb run and write up! You deserve that grin :)

    Like so many graduates I too have started B210K with Sami, I am hoping to run for 1hour but very doubtful I will be anywhere near 10km by the end. This is so impressive :)

    Well done! Enjoy your holiday

  • Congratulations. I started in April too, and graduated in June. Since then I've been sticking mostly to 30mins x 3, with a couple of actual 5Ks, trying to convince myself I can have a go at B210K. Since reading your post I've decided I can. Next week. Thanks!!!

  • That is awesome. You are an inspiration to us. Enjoy your holiday. Well deserved!

  • The first 10k is really special, so savour the moment and many congratulations. I had an 11k slog this morning, which was one of the toughest runs I have done since graduation over a year ago, despite the fact that it was on my usual route......but we take the rough with the smooth and every run is good training for the next one.

    keep running, keep smiling.

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