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Second 10K - 3:33 faster and 4 new records

Good morning C25K-ers!

Having graduated from the Bluefin B210K plan on Tuesday, I set out for a run this morning intending to do at least an hour and to maybe push on to 10K depending on how it went.

I did pretty much the same route as on Tuesday, mainly because it includes a hill and I need to practice them and also to see if I got any more knee niggles when running in my newer pair of shoes.

Suffice to say, I'm pretty chuffed :D

For some reason I felt really strong all around the run today and after a steady start kept up a cracking (for me) pace. I did the first 5K in 37:something and thought I might be in with a shout of getting close to the 1:16:49 from last week (on a route without a hill).

In the second 5K I just felt great, and couldn't quite believe it as my Garmin kept ticking off the kilometres and the time kept looking better.

In the end my time was 1:13:16 - over 3 and a half minutes faster than last week and on a route with a hill on it!

My Garmin reported 4 new records - fastest mile of 10:41, fastest 5K of 35:29 (although I ran 34:36 at parkrun last week but for some reason my Garmin doesn't record 5K for the parkrun course), fastest 10K of 1:13:16 and longest run (probably only by a couple of feet over last week but it's still a record).

As for the knee niggles, there were a couple on the first lap on the hill at the times when my weight shifts forward onto my forefoot, but not so many as on Tuesday, and only a slight twinge on the second go up the hill. Again there was absolutely nothing for the rest of the run and I was running pretty hard as you can see from the time improvement.

I'm not sure what to make of it to be honest, as it has now happened with both pairs of shoes, I don't think it's due to one pair being more worn out. Because it only happens on the hill section I also don't think there is anything fundamentally wrong. I think it might be a "new activity" type of niggle - with me only just starting to include the hill in my runs.

I might see how it goes in the next couple of weeks, and if it still happens I'll get in touch with Mr Physio.

Overall I'm feeling pretty pleased this morning. And wondering if I can justify a trip to Sweatshop to try out some Kayano 21's :D

Edit - forgot to post the Garmin Connect link...


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Wow well done, an inspirational post for me as I have recently started a 10k plan, running my first 10k in September, I haven't got up to an hour running yet, and find it hard to believe than I can run twice a 5k!! but back in February I didn't believe that I could run a 5k so hey ho!! :)


Yay! that is impressive, Peter. Congratulations with all the records, well done!

And as for the niggles - I think you're right. See how it goes, and if it doesn't stop, then speak with a professional.

There's no stopping you now. 10 km, eh?! Great stuff!


Wow, fantastic stuff! Well done :D


Fantastic effort. Sounds like you have a new standard to get used to. And 1:13:16 is a good time. I'm going to try my third 10k practice this afternoon. 4.5 times round the lake. I still find it intimidating to run so far.

I keep getting adverts for kayano 20s at £80 from sportshoes.


Yeah I get those too - and the 21's for £99 I think it was.

Rather try them before ordering though (and still need to justify any possible expenditure lol)


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