My firstest 10K ever

It wasn't a good start - only had about 2 and half hours of sleep, and I really had to push myself to get out the door this morning. But I'm pleased that I did even if I am feeling it a bit now lol.

After planning to try for 9K in my run on Tuesday, but having to stop at 8.5K due to running out of time before having to get ready to go to work, I set out this morning intending to do that extra 500 metres and get to 9K.

All was going well, it was a lovely morning and I was maintaining a slightly better pace than I did on Tuesday.

At just under 8K the man on the Bluefin B210K W6R2 podcast chimes in to tell me that I've finished the scheduled hour. Wanting to still get to 9K I carried on through the warm down music and then realised that stopping at 9K would leave me a good walk back home.

Checking the time I realised it was getting on a bit so thought "I may as well try for the 10, at least that way I'll be nearer home."

In the end I had to do an extra circuit around the block to clock up the last 400 metres.

End result was my first ever 10K in 1:16:49!! 284 days after I first embarked on C25K, on the August 17th last year

Here's the link to my run on Garmin Connect


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  • Nice one, the same time as I got on my 10K race (my pic) :)

  • Firstly, congratulations with the 10k Peter. Well done!! Secondly, your pace looks very smooth and constant across the entire run, shows that you've really gotten fit. Nice one!

  • Well done ! Now you know you can do it, what next ? An event ?

  • The original aim was to try and get to 10K in time for an event in my hometown on the 14th of June.

    There are a couple of hills on the event route that are worrying me a bit, so now that I can do the distance I'm going to try and simulate those hills as best I can and see how I go.

    All being well this time next week I'll have entered the event (and possibly another one for a week later).

  • Great stuff Peter ! I bet you are sooo chuffed with yourself after that , its great innit ?

    I had to keep looking at my Garmin after I had done mine, I couldn't believe it ha ha :-)

    Are you going to enter some 10k events now ? xxx

  • I am pleased pops and also very tired!

    I even had a go with some chocolate milk afterwards as many swear by it. Not sure I'm convinced lol

    The plan is to enter an event or two at some stage, have a look up there ^ at my reply to henpen.

  • Blimey two and a half hours sleep ??? I would be like a bear with piles with that. I get very grouchy without my seven hours :-)

    Ah its great to do the 10k events , I love running with a pack ....

    Good Luck with whichever one you decide to do . Exciting times !! :-) xxx

  • Sometimes I think the chocolate milk idea is just a way to get adults to drink milk. I think normal milk is just as good a source of protein and carbs. But as I like the taste, I'm also on the chocolate-train.

  • I'd prefer banana, or strawberry to chocolate. But I followed the perceived wisdom and went with chocolate.

    Nothing flash though, just a couple of spoons of Nesquik in some semi-skimmed.

    I suppose, in a format such as Nesquik, the chocolate is possibly more "natural" than the other flavours, which are likely to be artificial.

  • Well done Peter! Hope you feel amazing.

  • Thanks.

    I do feel good but I am mostly feeling knackered lol

  • WOW - Inspirational :D

  • Wow that's brilliant - it's amazing what you can do on a couple of hours' sleep, eh! Congratulations!

  • That's us both in the 10K club now :D

  • In the club? God, never again for me!!!

  • Hehe - maybe I should have said - that's us both 10K runners now


  • Really pleased for you, Peter. It's a great feeling, isn't it? You won't find it hard to run 10K any more - that mental thing is set - you KNOW you can do it.

  • Woo hoo! Many congratulations Peter, that's brilliant. 10K is a long old way to run and you should feel very proud. Your pace is really consistent - that in itself is a great achievement.

    Have great fun planning and entering future events and keep posting.

  • Well done. How fab does that feel? Top of the world I bet. Now you have done 10 k you won't stop. It's the most satisfactory of distances and you'll want to keep including it in your training. Do practice uphills and downhills on your runs as it will make you fitter and stronger (don't go mad on the downhills though and hurt you knee like someone hereabouts did recently, mentioning no names but she knows who she is)

    Chocolate milk is something you can easily make yourself and it contains only healthy, natural ingredients and no kerapp. I think AncientMum put up the recipe

  • Yay!! Well done! Fab feeling, that first 10K, isn't it? :-)

  • Firstly, Congratulations your first 10km is something truly special. How you achieved in on only 2 and half hours sleep is amazing. I hope you have a good sleep tonight. 10km is a long way and I agree with Miss W. is a lovely distance. I am sure you will running some more and if you do a few hills in the next couple of weeks you will be more than ready to your race!!! Good luck and don't worry about running up hills. I had planned stops and walks to do my hilly course in Dec.

  • Well done Peter, another big milestone.

  • Thats brilliant well done๐Ÿ˜Šdon't think I could walk far on 2.5 hrs sleep! :x

  • Well done, a fantastic achievement to be proud of. And on sooo little sleep - ouch!

    Take a rest and plan the rest.. A full on race perhaps.. :-) xx

  • Congrats - wow your determination really shows through. I think it sounds like you need a little hill training and then you're set to go for the 14th June race. If the hills feel too much you could always walk the worst parts of the hills and run the rest. I say go for it, you never know unless you try :)

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