Couch to 5K


I ran 10k yesterday! I didn't set out to, I was feeling jaded so told myself I would do my 5k on the flat and very slowly. It was easy so I decided to bring forward my run scheduled for Tuesday and do 8.4 k, by the time I'd done that I thought I might as well keep going to 10 k!

So chuffed! I planned to be doing 10k in 2 to 3 weeks. I was slow: 1hr 11 mins, but I wouldn't have believed I could do this 3 months ago.

Planning to do 2 x 5k and 1 x 10k per week now in preparation for Race for Life in Scarborough in July.

Love running! (Most of the time) :o)

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Way to go! Congrats on your first 10K, what a great bonus. :)

Btw. Running 10K in 71 minutes isn't really that slow - it's two 5Ks at 35.5 minutes each, back to back. You may be used to running faster, especially for shorter distances, but it is a totally respectable pace, especially for your first time.

Great job.


I blush! Thanks Alaiyo x


Well done! My first 10k was a similar accident - I'd thought it would take weeks and weeks, but there it was only 2 or 3 weeks after graduation :)


Well done Zizzy! That is a huge achievement and I would not call it slow either. You were not racing so for a training run it is a great time. I am at the same stage as you - just building up to 10k, last run 9.65k (stupid phone!). Are you finding it takes a day longer to fully recover from the longer run?


Congratulations! I also did 10k by accident.... Just finished my run some way from home and kept on plodding... Got to 8k and thought, hang on, maybe..... And so took a slight detour to the rout3 and nailed it... Time is immaterial.... You see it will get quicker v soon....


Am bumping this thread up to the top again - as it seems that ChrisL and Zizzy are about where I am at!! :)

ChrisL - I am finding that the longer runs or 10K on Monday make me take 3 days of rest to Thursday before doing a shortish 30 minute intervals run.

Zizzy - I did 10ks this week on a very flat course in 1 hour13 mins -- so very close to you :) I am going to do a 10K next week in a VERY hilly area - as my eventual 14K race that I am training for has a well known "killer" hill in the middle of it. I doubt that I will get anywhere near that time for this coming run.


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