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Day 1 of my holiday

So I got up early then had to wait until it was light enough to go for a run. 7:30am before I could see enough. A couple of dog walkers asked me "Isn't it dangerous running when you can't see?" No more than usual I replied trying to keep my speed up to avoid tripping. It was lovely to be out and about if a bit wet and the mud. It has to be seen to be believed I had a slow first mile as I was dragging half a field with me. Then I hit some tarmac and got quicker. A downhill stretch followed and I went even faster. Just another great start to the day.

Splits below in miles

Split Time Distance Avg Pace mins/km

1) 5:11.6 0.53 9:52

2 ) 11:55.0 1.61 7:24

3 ) 10:20.5 1.61 6:26

4 ) 8:49.3 1.61 5:29

5 ) 5:02.4 0.79 6:24

6 ) 7:51.9 0.80 9:49


49:10.6 6.94 7:05

Happy running all!

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It takes a special kind of lunacy to start a holiday by getting up early to run in mud at the crack of dawn. Fortunately we're all a bit crazy at this forum!

Sounds and looks like a great run, and I bet you feel great for having gotten up to do it. Nice one!


Yes thanks Tomas. A good kind of crazy and definitely feel better for it ;-)


Happy hols GF, sounds like a fab run, with extra Brownie points for getting out and about early :)


Thanks EpicMum it was fun


Great start to the day GF and sounds a great run. I bet the "pre running" you wouldn't have been out running on the first day of your holidays!


Absolutely not IP. Was excellent and so was the try of the champers tonight ;-)


Yep, absolutely bonkers! Well done!


Thanks Curly I think we all are but in a good way ;-)


That bit about lugging all that mud made me titter. Your poor trainers!!!!! Sounds like a good start to the holiday, not. LOL


Definitely went faster once I got rid of the mud. Off to try and clean my trainers now ready for their Hyde Park outing ;-)


Sounds like a promising start to your holiday! I think everyone that doesn't run thinks we are crazy for going out in the cold, dark, wet or like me boiling heat.


Think so too. Especially running long distance in the heat like you did ;-)


Hyde Park outing. Ooooh exciting!

My trainers are getting ready for my first run out since my race last Sunday. Out with the jog group tonight but it's hellishly windy so they might just cancel again. I turned up anyway cos I didn't check my phone. Doh! I ran anyway being as I was all togged up


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