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week 2 done!

just completed week 2 on saturday - it was hard! then i had told my mum who wants to start the programme and i offered to come on her first run on week one with her for support on my rest day. i didnt think i had improved at all during week 2 as i found it tough but i had no problem running a week one run - was even faster and it didnt hurt at all - it totally cheered me up as it proved i am fitter and it does help! i would recomend it to anyone to do a week one run if ur feeling down to prove how far you have came!

bring on week 3!

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I agree - it is quite nice to go back and do a run from week 1.

I've just done a couple of those as first steps back after a layoff with a knee injury. It's been nice comparing how I've felt now with how I remember I felt when I first did them.

Couple of runs from week 2 for me this week, then back on plan starting week 3 on Sunday if all goes well.


injurys really muck everything up! hope u get ur week two done and ur knee doesnt cause u any problems!


So far it's been great - no reaction at all. So *touches wood* hopefully it'll be ok when I increase the running on it tomorrow.

If things go to plan we should end up graduating this thing within a few days of each other.


possibly - hopefully i will graduate! my body wasnt built for running! my aim is to get to week 5 - smaller goal as i have a wedding to attend then. then i will aim to graduate! fingers crossed!

did u run before ur injury?


Since I left school, the only running I'd done was the first 2 weeks of this plan, then I picked up the injury and couldn't run for 3 weeks. Started again last Thursday.

I'm not really built for running either - currently hovering around the 18 stone mark but determined to get it off and get fitter.

I'm also really enjoying the fact that I have actually been able to get out there and run, and enjoy it. I did miss it in the 3 weeks I couldn't do it, even though I'd only just started.


i got food poisoning after my first week lol

i havent run since high skl either. love to walk but havent been losing weight - gaining for the past 2 years :(

im super proud of myself and i know its silly to others - but its such an acheivement just to do it and manage to keep doing it

its also nice having people going through it at the same time! i have too many friends who r fit and i just cant chat with them about it

have u signed up for any runs for after u graduate?


Haven't signed up for any specific runs, but this morning I signed up on the parkrun website. I'm hoping to be able to take part in one of those between now and Christmas.


i just done r1 of week 3! it was sore by the second 3min run as my shins were killing me! but i felt great running except from the pain - really need to work out how to combat the shins :/


If you haven't already, get yourself to a running shop, take your current trainers with you and ask them to advise you about whether they are right for you.

I had really sore shins after W1R3 so went and got some new shoes from sweatshop (and had gait analysis). I did W2 in the new shoes and my shins were fine (and still are now that I'm back running).

Could also be worth slowing your pace a little to not put as much stress through your legs until they're more used to it.


thanks i might try a different running shop as i did buy the trainers that were recomended but they are womens trainers and i have very flat feet (i sometimes run in my mens basketball trainers that r very old and falling apart and the pain isnt as bad)


If you have very flat feet it might be that you need more support than just the shoe. Maybe an orthotic insole. If you can it might be worth visiting a podiatrist and seek their advice.


well don on running with such little sleep! i read ur other post but it wouldnt let me comment :/


Thanks. It was a struggle yesterday. Had a bit more sleep last night so not such a zombie today :)

It's strange that you couldn't comment on the other post. This isn't the best/most intuitive forum setup that I've seen.

How are the shins feeling?


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