Phew! Week 4, run 2 done!

Well finished week 4, run 2 and it was really hard. Was due to go out on Wednesday but today was the first time I was able to get out for a number of reasons. Normally I go really early at around 7am but today had to go at lunch-time.

So set off and had been looking forward to listening to Laura (only just discovered her) she was downloaded and all ready to go on my phone but unfortunately I realized I hadn't downloaded correctly so wouldn't play:( Not to worry I thought as out with hubby and he would listen to his and tell me when to walk/run etc. Simple!

Never had a stitch before but got one today :( = nightmare and got a sore foot plus had very low morale. Was seriously struggling and thinking about quitting but I knew I would really be down if I failed so pushed on and did it. Plus loads and loads of people out today and I seem to try and speed up whenever I go past anyone as my normal pace is Snail! lol.

Thank goodness that one is over. It was hard but glad it's done. Won't be going at that time of day again I don't think as I am def a morning person! :)


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  • Well done for persevering! I found the 2nd run of W4 the hardest of the week for some reason. R3 today was better, hope the same for you :-)

  • I think I got my first major stitch in week 4 too. I found like Laura said, it helped to drink more before I next went out running.

    I normally go in the evening just before sun down but I did my last run (on Weds) at lunch time and it's funny how changing time of day can mess you up, don't you think! Needless to say, I won't be doing that again either!

    Well done and Good luck with run 3! x

  • You mean you passed people? Well done you! And you completed the run! πŸŽˆπŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸŽ‰ when you change your routine it can be really challenging and you managed the change - woo! hoo! Another run bites the dust⚑️

  • Well done for completing it especially with the sore foot and tech problems πŸ˜€ I think a lot of us of that speed up thing when we pass other people πŸ˜‚I certainly hold myself a little higher and straighten by back!!

  • Ha thanks. I really don't know what comes over me I think I'm in some sort of race. It even happens when I'm out walking with the dog if someone is walking in front I HAVE to overtake them! Unfortunately with this running lark I should pace myself and not do it :) :)

  • Only one more and you can put week 4 to bed! Someone told me a bad run is usually followed by a great one, so look forward to the next :) I think it shows incredible strength overcoming not only tech gremlins but a grumble foot too. Feel proud :)

  • Ha I like your optimism and I hope the next run will be better :) Today was not good :( Thanks for your support. I knew if I gave up it would probably make me feel worse than the sore foot and stitch combined :O

  • Its the people who stand to one side to let me pass that get me - I feel like I have to speed up so I don't inconvenience them, and they have made the wrong assumption that they won't be waiting long! Brilliant that you kept going when you wanted to stop, like Laura says, that's when you build the fitness - that's my new internal dialogue when I feel like giving up!

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