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W5R2...it's getting serious now :s

My first run in chilly, misty conditions which, if I'm honest, were a blessing once I'd got past the brrrr warm-up walk. Amazingly, though, I completed the two eight minute runs - wahay!! Kept the pace down as I didn't want to cease...wondered, at times, if the snails were going to challenge me, as it felt only marginally faster than my brisk walk!! Breathing is definitely going better, too! I was the beetroot-faced, gasping 1 minute x 8 runner, just a few weeks ago, and I can't believe that I can do this (I've never had any stamina)...what an excellent programme and support community. Next the...gulp...20 minute run...arrrgh!

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You'll be fine. You better believe it! You might not think you have stamina but it's there, you just have to find it. It might require you to dig deeper than you normally do, but trust in the programme to deliver. Yourself too, of course

Have fun!


Well done!

You can do this. If you've come this far, you're definitely able to take this next big step. The sense of achievement afterwards is massive :)

Good luck!


Yayyyy! Well done you. If I can do the 20 min challenge you can Tiki, it's such an awesome feeling afterwards. I have never felt able to run- ever- before. This programme has changed my approach to excersise for ever! You can do it, keep positive and go, go , go !!x


You're doing GREAT! And the 20 minute run... just run instead of thinking too much about it, and you'll be perfectly fine :)


Just relax and you'll be fine.

Go with a positive attitude and don't attempt to race the snails!

I will be waiting to read your end of week 5 post...


I've got the 20 minute run tomorrow morning - as you say...arrrgh!

I felt the same as you yesterday about my breathing, and I also found I was not quite so relieved when Laura said I could stop running (though I don't think my speed changed when I went from running to walking at the end!). It does feel good doesn't it!


Go catch! Enjoy that run (I'll be there with you...well, you know what I mean!?) See you on the other side ;-)


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