W3R1 getting 'serious' now!

so - week three - this was the first of my "run for three minutes" nights....... and i really did know all about it! - i was a bit wary anyway - 60 and 90 second runs still seem a bit 'junior league'?... but my god i'm running with the big boys now! ....haha - i REALLY felt this one - heavy legs and counting the seconds waiting to be told 'thats it - you've done well - start walking again!' .......thank god for Laura!...haha.......hopefully wed night will feel a bit better and less of a struggle and maybe friday night i'll be on a high again - but - seriously - i know you 'graduates' must be laughing at the thought of a 3 minute 'run' but i have to salute you all - i'm thinking 3 minutes is such a feat at this moment so how can i possibly manage 30 minutes? - but hey! i'll give it a bloody good try - watch this space! cheers! x


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21 Replies

  • Certainly not laughing - we have all been there.

    Just remember that every time you go out and run, you are adding a little bit of leg strength and a little bit to your aerobic capability. You are doing just fine, the runs get progressively harder because you are progressing!

  • thanks - yep - just plodding on - cheers for encouragement - much appreciated.xx

  • Nope - you're wrong. I can't imagine any of the graduates laughing😏

    Was reminded of this quote last night:

    "It's not meant to be easy, if it were easy everyone would be doing it."

    Three weeks ago the idea of running 60 secs seemed equally ludicrous to you.

    Just remember "Slow and steady." Remember the system works, it's just taking time for your mind & body to catch on.

    Keep going, you're doing just fine!!!

  • thanks for that - the comments and encouragement keeps my on my toes - literally! - thanks again x

  • ...love the quote.. one of my favourites is similar,

    "No one will tell you it is going to be easy, but what they will tell you, is it is going to be worth it."

  • I''m a newbie (W4R1 yesterday) and Yes I'm laughing! Laughing with joy! I too doubted myself but with the support of the peeps on this forum, I've moved on to Week 4 and amazed myself. Have faith in You kazdoc, your bloody good try will pay off...xx

  • ok thanks - i'm keen to do it all again on wed to see if i feel any better or find it such a slog - but onwards and upwards - cheers again xx

  • No laughing going on here✋🏼 We have all been where you are, and very soon you will be on the graduate couch alongside us. Most if us found it hard but we got there. Dig deep , we are saving you a seat 🛋

  • awwww love it! - thanks for the comment - the graduate couch is defo my goal! - cheers xx

  • Week 3... I am definitely not laughing. That was a shock to my system! We're all right with you. Your determination WILL pay off. ☺☺☺

  • cheers for that - I'm defo going for it - can't wait to be looking back on the whole nine weeks - as a graduate! - haha - thanks again xx

  • Lol! I detect a little bit of disbelief there....

    Stick with the slow & steady mantra, keep going and you WILL graduate! (No wee "ha - ha" 😉)

    It may or may not take you 9 weeks, but it's not a race, it's a change of lifestyle😀

  • yep thanks for that - can't knock the support on this site - and to know you've all 'been there' is very encouraging - just what i need to spur me on - cheers x

  • Leaden legs a friend on here calls them :)

    Oh, and haven't we all been just waiting for Laura's walk again cue... ?:)

    You are doing so well... running for three minutes... just wait until you are running for the thirty... Can't imagine it eh? Well, it will happen and you are on track!

    Slow and steady does it :)

  • thanks so much for your encouragement - thats defo my goal - and I'm going for it!

    cheers x

  • Great stuff! Stick at it. Slow but sure. That's us!

    We can all remember back to our time of C25k. We will never forget it. It is flippin hard work if you're unfit and/or never run before, so we know where you're coming from.

    Just keep a smile on your face and make it a happy event

  • Great advice Miss W.. keeping the smile is what it is all about :)

  • unfit - overweight - old - and NEVER run before! even to the chippy! - haha - couch to 5k - sounds like a plan!

    thanks x

  • Another definitely-not-laughing here! The plan is so well designed to help you achieve more than you ever thought possible - you can do this, you WILL do this! And we'll all be cheering you on :)

  • thank you so much - looking forward to tomorrow night - W3R2 - lets do this!

    cheers for the support x

  • We've all plodded and sounded like heavy breathing stalkers on the loose , I've had a break with illness and going to go back to week 4 again so see you there

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