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W5R2 - Holy s**t, I can run!


Well, that went well.

That went very well.

Wait, what happened? That went unreasonably well. No one shaped like I am, who eats the way I do, who habitually stays up as late as I do and who is as tired and frequently stressed as I often am should be allowed to have that run go as well as it did. It just doesn’t seem fair.

Not that I’m complaining because that is the best run I’ve ever had by a long shot. I never doubted that I could do it, but I expected it to be much more of a struggle than it was. Because it really really wasn’t.

I don’t know if you noticed but I am buzzing.

I’m also glowing bright red but that’s to be expected at this point.

So let’s start at the start. I don’t doubt for a second that timing had something to do with it. I had to run late again (parenthood, you know the drill) but that worked out just fine because I’d eaten my pre-run snacks late as well and when I finally headed out the door it was more or less exactly two and a half hours since I ate them.

Today’s soundtrack was KT Tunstall again but this time I went with Drastic Fantastic. I needed to chill a bit but I also wanted something with a bit more energy. Plus I just love that album. It turns out it syncs up perfectly to this particular run as well.

So I headed out into the evening for the warm up walk and once again kept it local on the footpath and road around the houses. When the first run began I was all fired up and ready but with the longer run in mind, I kept it gentle.

It was a pleasant enough run and although it was dark I was never too worried, I kept to the path. No foxes this time unfortunately but no men in underwear either so you win some, you lose some. When I got the first 4 minute update halfway through the first run I was feeling it but only a little and before I knew it the 8 minutes was over.

By this point I was feeling great. In its own right it was a great little run to feel good about and, although I needed that walk, I was already looking forward to the next part.

So when it rolled around I felt suitably rested and I was off. Not a full-on run but definitely faster than the first one and I continued round the path, with no obstacles, no obstructions and no awkward encounters with people.

I was still feeling good after the next four minute warning am I was feeling when she told me I had 60 seconds left. I honestly don’t know where the time went, it flew by! I was tempted to keep going for longer at the end but decided against it. However I did enjoy a little sprint in the last few seconds. Why not.

So I don’t know how it turned out so well but I loved it and after the 5 minute cooldown I genuinely felt like I could do another 8 minutes.

But instead I got a burger. Hey, I ran here to get it at least. I keep saying, baby steps!

Now I need a little advice for Friday because I’m meant to be running for 20 minutes and I think I probably can do it but I know it will be a lot different to today. The issue though is that we are going out for a meal right after work, which is fine, but there won’t be time to run before it so I’ll have to do it after. Question is, how long after a meal should I wait before running?

I’m looking forward to it anyway. I am excited and scared...

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Yeah... picked up a little hint of elation in that 😂

Great run, fantastic job, hopefully good burger!

After a big meal I’d be thinking 4 hours or more. Which may make Friday difficult.

What won’t make the next run difficult is the 20 minutes... you’re ready for it. Slow and steady. I preferred it to the intervals and it’s great to get into that zone with everything in balance and not have to stop. You can do it.

Thanks, I have now crashed and my legs don’t work. You know, in a good way. It looks like I’ll probably have to move the run to Saturday so I guess longer recovery at least.

UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to Preserved_Moose

You’ll be stronger for it... and you can enjoy that meal, rehydrate and be all relaxed rather than stressing about getting that run in.


You know what...enjoy your meal out, have fun, relax and do your run on Saturday, an extra day between runs isn't a problem and you'll go superbly without doubt. Enjoy Friday night, enjoy your run Saturday. 🌻

Yeah Saturday seems more realistic plus it’ll get me out of a busy house for a little while!


Loved reading this, I will be doing this run on Monday, so I’ll recall your story as I’m running! I’m not sure about the meal thing...someone more experienced will answer you I’m sure!

Have fun with it! I loved it. So far this is way better than week 4. I didn’t even know stamina was a thing I could still have after 30!


Brilliant well done! Don't wanna pry but why not rest on Friday and do your run on Sat or Sun. Give yourself the best chance of success

Yeah Saturday it is, otherwise I’ll be running at 11 and on a Friday night especially that’s not a good idea around here


Well done.. slow and steady and run Saturday :)

Saturday it is!


What an extremely good run you had. Such positivity would get you through the runs with no walks. Really focus and I’m sure like me you too can make it. 🤛🏻

My favourite run so far. I think I’ll manage it but it’s going to be a tough one...


Good job PM x sounds like an amazing run 👍💪💪💪💪💪🏃‍♀️🌟

It was! Next one may be more of a crawl...

I love reading happy posts like yours! It sounds like something has clicked and you’ve turned into a properly addicted runner! Isn’t it great?

I agree with the running on Saturday brigade. That way you’ll be able to enjoy your meal and have an awesome run the next day. Imagine foregoing something delicious because of running afterwards, or eating that delicious thing, then getting having a shocker of a run with a stitch or indigestion? Both disappointing, but now they’re avoidable! 😀

Enjoy both! 👍😀

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