W5R2, done!

Strange sort of run... at the end of the 1st 8-minute run I felt like I didn't want to slow down. Just wanted to keep going. Then for the last two minutes of the 2nd run I was just praying to hear Laura's voice. It doesn't help that the last two minutes coincided with a slight incline. So by the end my lungs felt like they were going to explode! But I did it and I am really pleased with myself. Listening to Mr Hetfield & co blasting out All Nightmare Long definitely helped get me through the final run too!

Looking forward to the 20-minute run in W5R3, sort of!

5 Replies

  • Inclines do get better ! Enjoy you W5R3 :)

  • Well done - keep a nice slow steady pace from the start to make sure you don't run out of puff again! Good luck!

  • Looking forward to a 20 minutes walk is surely a very good sign! Well done!

  • I hope it's not a walk, PlumpPhil! Not much of a challenge that!

  • Ha ha. Slip of the typing finger there!!

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