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I am limping! Week!

I am determined to get the end after many week 1....stop....week 1....etc. I am not on Week 2/3rd run and my legs (mainly calf area, was ankles and calf) are absolutely killing me! They have from the start but it is stopping me as when I finished today I was limping for about an hour. My trainers are newish and fairly good, I have tried road and gym and I am stretching before & after but I am carrying a lot of weight which I know is probably the main cause.

Has anyone had the same? Does it ease and what can I do not help?

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Make sure you're properly hydrated before your run. Do your stretches after a run and don't be afraid to take extra rest days between runs to give your legs time to recover.

You say your trainers are reasonably new and good quality, but they may not be right for you. Could be worth popping along to a running shop with them and getting some advice, possibly get gait analysis (almost certainly would be free). You're not obliged to fork out for new running shoes just because you've sought their advice or had gait analysis.


Bazza1234 put up a good post a couple of days ago about a 'build up' programme he'd done which prepared his body for the onslaught which was to come. I agree with Bazza - whatever Laura says, I don't think absolutely EVERYBODY is ready for C25K, even though it starts fairly slowly. We need to wake our bodies up after decades of abuse and inactivity before we ask them to run - so many muscles and bones haven't had any use for so long, it is unreasonable of us to ask them to do too much too soon. Have a scroll through the last few days' posts or Bazza if you're reading this can you repost what it was you did? I think Bazza should rewrite the programme for long time couch potatoes over a certain age!


I started by walking for two months before I even did the first run. It built a base and meant that while the runs were challenging, I felt capable of completing them. So maybe you need to do something similar?

Of course it should also be pointed out that starting to run IS putting a strain on your body. Your body WILL react by aching and hurting.


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