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C25K Week 2

So I decided 2.5 weeks ago enough was enough and I needed to do something. I heard about C25K and downloaded the app. I am overweight and attend slimming world but aswell as being overweight I am unfit. Running is my worse nightmare so instead of taking the easy option of swimming (where you dont really do what you set out to do) I decided to have a go - if I can do it anyone can.

Week 1 went OK and I managed to get someone to come out with me at weekends but in the week I am all alone. I found the minute lasted forever but apart from a couple of uphill runs I completed it all

Week 2 has been a different story. Day 1 was a disaster as the heavens opened and I wasnt wearing appropriate clothing - completed 11 mins, Day 2 I got a cramp / knot in my calf and didnt hit the full 1.5 minutes on 3 occasions and Day 3 I went out straight from my bed after no drink or food and felt week and really struggled with the 1.5 minutes (about 7 seconds short all the time) but I completed my longest distance.

I am not going to complete Week 2 again as I feel I have failed.

Has anyone got any advice what is best to eat, drink and focus on to get me over them last seconds - I dont wear a watch (waiting for a fitness tracker bracelet to be delivered) and I carry my phone in my bra so dont watch the app.

I am lapping everyone who hasnt got off the couch which is the only positive at the minute.

Tips would be helpful



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Well done on starting 😀 I'd try a banana or half a banana and a little water before going out if you go out first thing, if you can tolerate it. Also have you got any headphones you could plug into your phone to hear the time left? I use runkeeper, as well as the C25K app so I know how long I've got left to go.

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You will find out what suits you food wise through trial and error. We are all different. I never venture out on empty, and always have porridge for breakfast on my run days. I run 60 to 90 mins after meals

You are best doing c25k on your own, and you will be fine. Ir's easier to follow if you are focused ☺

If you stick to it you will help,your weight loss efforts. You can do it! 😊

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I did week 1 two or three times. It's not 'failure' to redo a week. I needed to consolidate before I could move on. So the mere fact you are running at all eliminates the word fail from your vocabulary!! Be positive- when you read posts you will see that everyone has glitches but the support and advice on here really helps and we look forward to hearing how you are getting on xx

And we are all different- miss wobble and Woodsrunner both ear before a run - I don't have anything but do take water with me xx

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There is nothing wrong with repeating a week if it hasn't gone well. Loads of people take longer than 9 weeks to complete the programme - and it really doesn't matter. Sticking with it is the important thing. You can do this !!


Peanut butter on toast or a banana is good for a bit of energy but have it at least half an hour / hour before you head out (I get a stitch otherwise). Make sure you have had water and don't leg it fast in the running bits; all that matters is that it is a run/jog rather than a walk. Counting in my head helps when things get tougher (I work out how many steps get me across a given distance), or have some uplifting music to distract you and get you through. p.s. I read that the first 10 mins is always the hardest and I now know that is true; so don't assume it will get ever harder - you will adapt! Good luck.


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