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why am I limping?

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I did W5 R1 yesterday and noticed that my right ankle was hurting a bit so I plodded even more slowly than usual but today it is making me limp! inside of foot, above the arch, and that general area. I am guessing that it is the way I run ( I think the guy who tested me for my trainers said that I ran with my right foot turned in) so any advice on how to support it would be appreciated. I don't want to give up now that I am nearly half way through. thanks

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Well.. if you have the correct shoes and socks... maybe you twisted your ankle at some point...we are not experts so if it is really painful, then do go and get it checked out.

The runs are longer now... so it is important that all feels well...some simple exerices may help?

Short Foot Exercise. Sit in a chair in your bare feet. ...

Toe Splaying. Try moving your toes away from each other but be careful not to curl or extend them. ...

Big Toe Presses. Press your big toe into the floor while extending your other four toes. ...

Leg Swings. ...

Calf Raise to Big Toe Press.

Loads out there to choose from... but if the pain persists.. please do see a Sports Physio..


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mafeeGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

thank you

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mafeeGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

thank you for the link - it looks like that is just what I need. And thank you for always replying!

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I’d be going to see a sports physio to see what they suggest... it’s difficult to assess from here. There’s also the possibility that it’s an injury that isn’t caused specifically by your running style.

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mafeeGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

thank you for always replying!

Oh no ☹️ hope it’s feeling a bit better today/that it’s not serious...

We have the same shoes, don’t we, which I assume means we are both over pronating. Since the gait analysis I have bought a couple of sets of inner soles that I am wearing in my regular shoes - I had to wear them as a kid - and I am noticing the difference already, feel I am standing more upright and in better balance. If I stand on one foot, for example, in a shoe with support, I don’t wobble and tip over as much as if I do the same thing barefoot.

Also, don’t know if this is of any use but I watched a video the other day about running form (it’s getting serious!). There was an interesting bit about imagining running along a line in the road and keeping your left foot on the left side and the right on the right. I have been concentrating on doing that, along with swinging my arms in a straight arc, rather than across the body, and think it helps keep everything, including rogue feet and ankles, in a straight line... oh, and ‘kissing’ the ground, so minimising impact. I also put on a knee brace/ankle support if I so much as feel a twinge, and take it even more gently.

I’m no expert I’m afraid - any advice comes from doing gymnastics seriously in my youth and rock climbing for the last 20 years - I have had my share of injuries and am really cautious about ankles and knees and lower back these days... I have climbed with supports on elbow, wrist, knee and ankle, finger tape on most fingers and physio tape strapped across my shoulder 😂

Really hope the niggles subside for you...

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mafeeGraduate in reply to ktsok

Ah thanks for the reply. I am going to try some ankle strengthening exercises that someone else suggested but I might also get some insoles - that sounds like an easy one to try. I tried some balancing exercises and basically I can't balance on my right side so I guess I am a bit lopsided. I am trying to gear myself up for a run today but it is freezing! -hat and gloves and maybe try a softer surface like the towpath instead of the roads. I am good at kissing the ground - basically I plod so slowly, my feet hardly take off. Am definitely not a runner yet....Thanks for the reply - How are you getting on?

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just been out for W5 R2 and survived!!

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ktsok in reply to mafee

Yay well done! I’m good thanks. Left knee niggles a bit so I’m icing it and wearing a support when running and climbing. Post-40 you have to expect and accept some aches and creaks and niggles, I think!

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