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Week 2, Take 2

Well after 2 attempts at week 1 due to injury, I also injured a calf muscle on my first attempt at week 2. I was told to walk instead so did that and hoped to restart week 2 after a week off. But bad weather, including a 4 hour drive home in snow, family birthdays and helping a friend with some major problems meant I didn't do any C25K for 3 weeks.

I'd still been doing Pilates but my healthy eating took a huge nosedive last week. When I did my first attempt at week 2, right after completing week 1, it was easier than I thought it would be. This time round, not so easy, but not so hard either.

I struggled with run 4 and probably managed about half of it, but managed to run a bit extra on run 5. Of course, that was because I'd miscounted and thought I was on the last run! Bit gutted when Laura chimed in with "nearly there". Nearly there??? I should have been hearing the bit where she tells me it's time for a brisk 5 minute walk!

I'm feeling a wee bit stiff right now, but hopefully I'll get back into it quickly, same as I did in week 1. And I hope I've seen the last of niggly injuries as well! Roll on Wednesday and Week 2, Run 2.

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Wishing you a successful and pain-free start to the program again! :-) Gayle


Hi Buffster, I'm at the mid point of W3 after getting injured during W2. I got through it at the second time of asking. With regards to your calf, a tip I got was to make sure you drink plenty of water the day before you're thinking of running because apparently there's some link between hydration and strain on the calf (particularly the left leg apparently) I've stuck with the water and have found that it seems to work. Best of luck with W2!


Delighted you're back out there Buffster, C25k needs Huddlers!!

I can just imagine your disappointment when you realised you'd miscounted, I reckon I'd have cried at that stage!

Onwards and upwards!


Cheers guys. Thanks for the encouragement. And thanks for the tip Beth. I know I generally need to drink more water anyway, so I'll make sure I drink plenty before I go out on my next run.


Good luck buffster and thanks Beth for the tip. My left calf muscle is weak (I'm embarrassed to admit I pulled it running for a train the other week) and I'm always nervous of injuring it when I'm out running, particularly as I hurt it at the beginning of the programme and had to start from scratch after a 4 week recovery break. I'll up my water intake as you suggest, thanks.


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