Survived week 1 :) but am I ready for week 2?

So a brief introduction... I am a 36 year old mum of 4. Never done any sort of fitness and approx 7 stone overweight :( . I've always put the kids first and slowly but surely weight has creeped on over my 14 year marraige mainly the last 6 years due to the loss of my mum to the dreaded C word.

I went to the Drs, well actually I seemed to be spending more and more time there for various aches pains, depression.....etc etc. The dr offered me a gastric band and this was my eye opener I am morbidly obese and this is what's causing me so many health problems. I kindly declined the offer and decided that my problem was my sedentary lifestyle and the comfort eating and evening alcohol beverages that made me comfortable.

So for the last few weeks I have invested in a good sports bra ( not easy to find at 44FF 🙈) some trainers and the C25K programme. Then built up the courage to go!

I dragged out two of my kids with me and did day 1. It was hard but I did it! The 1 min of jogging was slow, I wasn't out of puff but my calves were on fire! I nearly cried but didn't and once I got back to the 5 min cool down I nearly cried at my achievement which nearly made the pain worth it 😉 Covered 2.53 km not to shabby I don't think.

Day 2 I dragged 1 child with me, it was hard but marginally better..... 2.56 km covered

And this morning I did Day 3 ( had rest days in between) and covered 2.63 km so I'm slowly improving ☺️ I am so proud of myself!

I am not looking forward to starting week two because I struggle with the 1 min jog, I do it but I'm nearly in tears on some of I ready to push it more? Or do I trust the programme?

The only thing is I have experienced mild nausea about an hour after I get home on both day 1 and day 3..... Unsure if it's linked and have just drank water and eaten a small meal which seems to settle it!

Apart from that I feel pretty happy ☺️


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16 Replies

  • First of all well done you! Wa-oh! Think about what you're doing and the courage it's taken. big pat on the back! you should be fine sticking to the programme. The prospect of any running before you get in to it is horrendous! I hated it as a kid, as a teenager and as an adult!.. I just didn't do it. Built for comfort not for speed! That was my moto.

    Well that was about 10 weeks ago....I started C25K, I've not run every other day, but pretty much 3 times a week....this morning I completed W8R3....and just a whisker under 5k. IT hurts, I get lots of little voices when I'm doing it about stopping and walking (I don't), I just think why I'm doing this...part of losing weight and being healthy for my kids....are you any different.

    Stick with it, the programme really works, go at your own pace, and be comfortable with it. You will amaze yourself. Good on you.

  • Hey Big fella how did you get didn't see a post yet or are you still composing it

  • It's there now!

  • Welcome to the programme and the forum. I would say yes you are ready for week 2 as this is an incremental programme just go real slow if you read other posts you will see that mentioned more than once the mantra being go slow and then slower still don't get hung up on distance until you have finished if you need to repeat weeks that is not a problem just go at your own speed as it is your programme and no one elses

  • Welcome and very well done. What a determined lady! :)

    The mantra is... and you will hear it from us, so many times, go really slowly and really steadily. Your running journey in your own time. :)

    Do try not to worry about distance or speed... the idea is after nine weeks.. or however long it takes.. you are able to run for thirty minutes.. comfortably:)

    Carry on with the programme, but take it really really slowly. You know your body, it will tell you what it needs.. and at the moment it needs to just go gently!

    We will be here with you, every step of the chin up.... big breath and can do this... you've already started :)

  • Well done for getting out there and started. You sound very ready to me to move onto week 2. Here's wishing you the very best of luck in week two. Ohh just in case nobody mentioned it, remember - slow, then slower. 🌟🌟

  • Fantastic achievement just beginning the programme is the hardest thing, I've started if before and given up but this time I'm now about to start week 8, the difference this time is that I do run/shuffle much much slower, it really is the key, my 10 year old can nearly walk as fast as I run but it really doesn't matter, as long as you're increasing your heart rate and covering those miles.

    Keep going slow down then slow down some more, you can do it.

  • Hello! Well done for getting out there :-) yes you are ready for week 2 - definitely. Remember if at any time when you're jogging you feeling uncomfortable just slow it down, just try and keep going until the end. With the nausea it may be linked, just try and have something to drink when you get in from your run and a bit of food. I go first thing and have breakfast when I get in. Keep up the great work - you can do it! :-D

  • Trust the programme.

    Read as many posts as you can here - you will find you are NOT 'terminally unique' and that this programme may not be as 'easy' as we would wish but it IS 'doable' and in 'doable much more easier than you think' :)

    When the going gets tough as you run - SLOW DOWN...then SLOW DOWN SOME MORE' This is a hard concept to grasp - you feel like you are barely moving forward and just making 'running motions in place' but in reality you ARE running forward and 'faster' than you comprehend.

    This programme is NOT about 'Fast' and 'Far' It is about building up Stamina - which does lead to 'fast' and 'far' but none of us are here to win the Boston Marathon. We are her to feel good and happy and THAT is exactly what we ultimately gain from the Running part. :)

    Which is why you might want to read as many posts as possible so that you can really trust what I am saying when I say trust the programme :)

    A few things to keep in mind about this whole 'fast' thing btw - our pride (even if we think we don't have any , we do - Always.) tells us we have to be 'impressive' and leads to the second little quirk our mind plays on us. That when we hear 'Run' we think 'Fast' and what that leads to for us is way to hard a pace and we burn ourselves out in a few heartbeats.

    You write 'apart from that I feel pretty happy' - you certainly are 'tough enough' to do this programme if you can write that after the hardest part of the programme - the beginning.

    'Grimly determined' was the best I could muster after W1. :)

    Anyway - the other important thing for mos to us is this Forum. We have all of us here on the Forum cheering us on so while we may run alone we are never ON our own :)

    I do hope you stay here and run with us :)

  • Thank you, everyone. The hardest part is over in the respect of beginning and I certainly do run slowly haha my kids walk about the same speed lol but like Irish-John says I DO keep the running motion going even though I feel like I'm not moving 😂

    I will trust the programme and I'm sure I CAN do it, case of trusting that I can, dig deep. 😬😬

    Thank you, this forum has already made me feel supported, wish I'd found it At the beginning of week 1 lol. ( I paid for the app on my phone) .

    Thanks 😘

  • Well done, you have already made super progress - you took the first, most important step, then did it again and again 💫💫💫 Three runs collected and many more to come.

    Looking forward to hearing of your adventurers🤓

  • You should b very happy, you did it, well done. When going through the C25K programme, I NEVER felt ready to move on to the following week. With me, my friend was a couple of weeks behind me - she is 30 and I am 51 so it was a bit of pride that forced me to just keep ploughing through the programme. If I did it, it really works. I am a couple of stone overweight and graduated about 4 months ago and still run three times a week, no injuries, knees are great, heart and lungs much improved too. Just go out, nice and slow, relax your legs and arms, breathe slowly and deeply

  • Well done. For myself, every week felt like a struggle and I never felt comfortable. But I pushed on and the next week was doable. It's designed to push you along. That being said, if you want another go at week one there is nothing wrong with that. Happy running

  • Fab to hear that you have started. If you have done all the runs for week 1 go for week 2. Have just finished W2 & wondered how I would do it but with Laura's timely prompts & support I got there & you will too. Happy running :-)

  • Yeah I have completed all the runs even at a slow pace 😂😂 so yeah you are right I can push it more, think I was just panicking lol. Well done on completing wk2 😄

  • You can't go too slowly. Believe in yourself & beat any gremlins into submission. Just remind yourself how far you have come in a week :-)

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