W6 R1 done!

W6 R1 done!

I decided to take a different route today with the dog. It started off 5 minutes warm on grass, my feet were soaked and my poor new trainers were squelching along. (Thought to myself this is a bad idea) Charlie the dog was loving it though. Chasing up the river bank.

I managed to get onto tracks where there was a great big sign no entry (private property) sighed and thought I'm not turning back now. what a lovely morning, sun shining and not a sole in sight. Completed each run but did find it a little hard today but kept at a steady pace and here I am W6 R1 complete ;-)


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24 Replies

  • What a lovely place to run!

  • I am quiet lucky with places just outside my front door, well in summer months anyway, not so good in the winter as no street lights at all ;-)

  • Sounds like you nailed it. And another lovely place to run as well :)

  • Thank you, Hard work but yes I nailed it. Its a lovely track once you get past the grass river bank ;-)

  • Looks like there'd be a nice place for a quiet mid/post run sit and contemplate

  • I would probably throw myself in the river after some runs ha ha ;-) how are you getting on? You still on the injury couch?

  • Yep still there. Although not as sore as I was.

    Two sessions of ultrasound have helped. Pain is less and movement is more, although my knee does feel a bit weak.

    Hopefully won't keep you waiting too long.

  • Glad it's slowly getting better. You'll be up and at it again before you know it.

    I'll be here waiting (patiently) ha fa ;-)

  • You'd better be waiting patiently. Any sign of impatience and you'll be in that river ;)

  • You would have to catch me first. I haven't been training for nothing ha ha ;-)

  • Well I CAN be patient, so would just wait until I'd trained myself up and then when you least expect it...SPLASH! ;)

    Of course by then it would probably be the dead of winter and that river route wouldn't be looking so inviting. Water might even be a tad on the chilly side.

  • Oh you wouldn't... Pftttt I'll make sure I'm on my guard. I hate the cold brrrr ;-)

  • That's where the exercise would help warm you back up ;)

  • Maybe I can be patient after all ;-) take as long as you need ;-)

  • Meh - spoilsport lol ;)

  • Ha ha wouldn't want to see you on the injury couch again. Just thinking of you ;-)

  • What gorgeous weather and I like the look of where you are running....mine starts off on a country lane but then into the village and on pavements (apart from when avoiding pedestrians!). Well done B - see you on Run 2 ;0)

  • Its a beautiful morning, Makes running all the better. ;-) I love the country lanes but I am always scared Ill get lost if I venture to far out ha ha. I do also run around the villages on and off pavements. I bumped into a cyclists on my last run he looked like he was struggling up the killer hill as I was running down it. I could barely mutter a good morning ha ha. Thank you. See you on R2 can't wait. ;-)

  • I actually met someone I used to work with last night - I was on the last minute of the 8 minute run - typical - but at least I was running. She made some comment about - look at me being all good?!?! Oh well - I muttered something about trying to be, grinned and kept on running....

  • No trying about it. Your out there doing it ;-) better go check what's in store for R2 so I can plan my route :-)

  • Looks nice there. Well done on W6R1

  • Thank you Gf, it is nice just private property on the track but if you stay on the river bank it's not. I've never been able to work that out. Before running I use to take the dog for walks down there and never been told (get off my land) ;-)

  • Oh B, that looks such a lovely place to run, it just makes you want to get your trainers on and off you go - WHOOOSH !

    Glad Charlie enjoyed it, nowt better than been out there with your dog just enjoying the simple pleasures of life ahh

    Congratulations on WK6 R1, keep going ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks poppy, it's bliss out in the country side just taking it all in. ;-) x x

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