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W6 R1 - Done !

Up at 3.30am this morning for work, got home, had a sleep and then pounded the streets !!

Considering I ran for 20 minutes non stop only two days ago, I was surprised how tough I found today.

Maybe it was work, maybe it was just one of those days !

Really starting to enjoy this now, the challenge is what drives me, the fitness and wellbeing astound me and the sense of accomplishment is fabulous.

Cannot believe I have just googled what clothes I need to run in the winter, park runs and 5k events in Sussex - barely over a month ago I was worried about starting this journey !!


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Evening Richard :-)

Getting up at 3.30 am for work ??? Wow !

Yes Week 6 Run 1 is a tricky one after the euphoria of Week 5, it does tend to bite you on the bum speaking through experience :-)

Good job , youre well on your way now . Keep going , youre doing great , theres a whole new world opening up for you .

Good Luck ! xxx

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You're doing great. All those factors would have had an impact (I mean if you wake up at 3:30 am, your body wants to go to sleep by 6:30 am, let alone later, just for starters). Anyway, you're really close to what looks to me like the "consolidation phase", now, so you need to do all that googling. I know I harp on about this, but Parkruns you can do whenever you feel like it. There's nothing to wait for; you were ready for them on the very day you started c25k. You can even include a c25k run in a parkrun if the timing works out that way. But you'll do it your way, and that's fine, too.

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Hi Richard- Lovely post. I can also remember the bug biting and now am always waiting for my next run day! Even better, this did not diminish whilst I had an extended period on the injury couch (v frustrating) - the posts on here definitely helped. Have also managed to get my teenage son on board which is a bonus! Love this programme!

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Well done, richardvc. One of the things that threw me on starting Week 6 is that because I had run for 20 minutes non-stop I presumed that shorter intervals would seem easier. However, as I understand it, it can take your body up to 10 minutes to adapt to actually running, so the second half of that 20 minutes your body is working at its best. Cut back to 5 minutes and your body hasn't adapted to running before you stop and walk again: the further 8 and 5 minute runs suffer from similar issues. Additionally, because of over-confidence I started running a bit faster, making things harder on my body. The rest of the week was much better!

I never thought a lump of lard like me would ever be looking at running gear (or dare show my face in a running shop), but now I am starting to feel the cold of sweat drying on my t-shirt after a run and wicking technology for colder days is looking like a must.

Good luck - you're nearly there.

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Thank you all for your kind replies.

Will report back on W6 R2 when completed !


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