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Wall to wall a**e!!

Well we were promised a glorious weekend but instead I did a rainy run.!! Well it is manchester for gawds sake!! What do we expect lol

Anyway concentrating on improving my 4k run as I do a charity run of 4k in two weeks!! Yikes!!

Lap 1 7.22

Lap 2 7.13

Lap 3 7.45 (got a stitch)

Lap 4 7.34

I want to I gonna embarrass myself in two weeks lol!!?? Huffing and puffing like a care home escapee????

I am hoping to come in at 28 minutes but we shall see. So long as it's under 30 minutes. At least then I can still show my face in public with some semblance of dignity. ;-)

Hope y'all have a good weekend, even if the weathers bizzo!! X

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I doubt you will embarrass yourself MB. Now if I were to run it with my new tights, that may be a different matter :)

A sunny(ish) day here in Glasgow. Fantastic morning for a run. Cool and clear. Perfect.

I have completed a marathons worth of running this week. The pub is calling and I have to say I think I deserve it.

Have a good one!!!


Well I hope I don't but we shall see.

And wow 26 miles omg!!! Go you!!

I walk 2 miles per day on work days too. I also throw 50 laps of the pool in there each Sunday as well. But i am not sure if I ever feel like I am getting anywhere! I know I must be as I couldn't run one minute 10 weeks ago!! x


No you won't embarass yourself MB just watch you don't catch raceitis and set off too fast. I bet you'll have a great time . Warm here today but cloudy.


Dull and dank here (Cambs). Good for my morning run though!


What's to be embarrassed about when you finish a 4km race? Hold your head up high - you'll have achieved what the majority of the population would be incapable of doing. It might be a "race", but just enjoy it. :)


You should be fine with those times and you definitely won't be embarrassing yourself, quite the reverse. Be proud of your achievement can flippin' well RUN for goodness sake !


You'll amaze yourself and others with your steady disciplined speed - stats look great :)

Good luck !

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Thank you guys. Not sure what to expect and don't want to be lumbering in last like a limpet! Need to get some runs in this week and try to ensure consistent times! X


You'll be fine Manc! I did a 5k race for the first time a few weeks ago and was afraid I'd expire but didn't. You won't either. The other runners will pull you round. If it's a course that's new to you there will be completely new things to see and time just flies by. You won't get time to think. It'll be over before you know it. You will be really focussed on the job in hand

Just aim for one run at race pace this week and make the other two 4 k jogs. That should be enough so you don't get over tired

Good luck


Ok cheers. Will take on board your advice. Thank you!! :-) x


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