​W9R1 "Couch to 4K!"

​W9R1 "Couch to 4K!"

1 X 30 minute run


After many suggestions here, finally settled on MapMyRun App.


DISTANCE - 4.08 km

AVG PACE - 07:25 min/km


I guess what it means is I could have achieved 5K at around 37 minutes if I had continued running.


Well, I am not kidding anyone. It was tough to run after two days of break. On top of that I had been stuffing my face with anything remotely resembling food over the weekend.


I will probably give 5K a go on my Week 9 Run 3. I need to get back into my running rhythm which I have seemed to have lost somewhere.


:D This MapMyRun pace data does add some context into what I have been putting myself through all these weeks!

I have to be honest, I didn't realise even 4K was possible!


I am going to treat myself to a buttery omelette tonight! :P


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14 Replies

  • 4K is great! Don't worry about the 5k - obviously do go for it if you really feel up to it, but there's plenty of time once you finish week 9 to work on increasing distance etc if you want. :) The end of the beginning is in sight...! :)

  • Ah indeed, thanks. This is definitely not going anywhere. I can feel it's going to be a lifelong thing!


    Several marathons are to be ran after this! :D Ha, probably will take a bit time. Will get there!

  • Yes, it's all about running non-stop for 30 minutes, how far you go is just a bonus. I find a tracking app good for spotting when I go too fast, as it looks like your first km was. The others are great, especially the last which shows no sign of flagging, suggesting you could have kept going (though you probably didn't feel like it!) Be wary of becoming a slave to the app though, you're still too new at this running lark to be straining for PBs ;-)

  • Thanks for the analysis.


    I would probably aim to reduce a second every time and will have gotten below 7 minutes in 10 weeks!


    You're probably correct. Too early and too tough for PBs. Although, I would love to be able to go for 5K on W9R3. Depends on several factors though. Have to wait and see! :)

  • Don't aim for anything except running for 30 minutes. Don't look ahead at all, let alone 10 weeks!

  • Well done - 4k in that time is great! :)

  • Ah brilliant. Thank you!

  • Good for you! I've been repeating Couch to 5K since January, after I got out of the habit of running last year, and did my first run of week 9 today too. My legs are really feeling it, and I'm still not quite sure how I managed to go for 30 minutes without stopping. Good luck for when you have a go at a 5K.

  • Ah great! Well done on the first run!


    Only two more to go now.


    My theory is that we just had two days break and it had become tough. Hope it will not be that hard during the second run!

  • Yes, really hoping that next time I run for 30 minutes it will be slightly easier!

  • Go you!

    Hmmm, going to have to check that App out myself. I'm not good with this new fangled technology but I do like a bit of data!

    Hope you enjoyed your buttery omelette. We get cake for graduation thought, right?

  • I would suggest to experiment with it while you are on the move to get used to the app.


    Data indeed is nice.


    Cake is definitely nicer! :D

  • Well done , oh the final week . Taa Daa ! :-)

    Your life will never be the same again once the running bug bites ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks!

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