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Hitting a wall

I seem to have hit a wall!

A couple of weeks ago I was leading up to running 10k. Every week I was adding 0.5k on to my weekend run. I was also running 3 or 4 times during the week. I got up to 8.5k and although it wasn't easy it was fairly comfortable. Then I hit a busy period at work and during the weekends. So for the last 2 or 3 week I have only run once or twice in the week for about half an hour each time and only managed 5 k at the weekend. It almost seems like I have a mental block on going any further. Physically there's no reason why I can't but the thought of it is the problem. Starting to give myself a hard time about it but I couldn't do it again today. Think I need some help please! Thank you


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Maybe congratulate yourself for keeping up the running? Could be that if you were running 5 times a week and extending the distance it was all a bit too much for you (on top of the rest of your life) and you need this reining back a bit... and will naturally be able to increase with time.


I agree with googleme.

Sometimes you can overtrain.

I think this site is brilliant, but sometimes when you read about all the wonderful things people are doing, it can make you think you should be doing the same!

I think your body/brain has reined you in a little.

But you've managed to keep running.

Why not aim for 2 runs in the week for about 30 mins each then have a bash at say 7.5k this weekend?

I have also read that if you are running really regularly and increasing pace/distance, every 12 weeks you should have a week off!



Think there's some good advice above. Perhaps just increasing by your 0.5 per week again and gradually building up. You've probably been physically and mentally exhausted with everything that you've been dealing with. All credit to you for keeping up with the running. You're doing brilliantly. You know you CAN do those distances, and you'll build up to them again once you're ready for it. Perhaps it's easier to commit to fewer runs per week initially - this will help you build up your confidence again. Good luck!


'Stop worrying' is my first bit of advice - maybe you just need to relax and allow yourself to have a bit of a breather.

On a practical note, one thing that has helped me when I've struggled a bit is to do run/walk intervals. I run until I stop (if you know what I mean!) walk for a while, give myself a firm talking to, then set off again. Quite often I've been able to run another good distance - managed a 6k and a 5k just the other week when I'd failed with my original target of 8k!

After a couple of these runs, I find myself increasing the distance without realising it and before long, that wall is well and truly breached!

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Thanks everyone. Good advice all round as usual.

Viki :-)


I have had a similar issue, I have realised that instead of feeling as if I "have" to run this far, I tell myself that I can go out for 30 mins. Once I'm out the door I can go for my 4.6 mile circular. I hate the cold and dark which is not helping!!! The longer run I have to get in by stealth, if I don't ring fence the time, it gets eroded, BUT sometimes that is a good thing as there are things (sometimes) that are more important! (Sometimes!!!!)


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