Week 5 Run 2...procrastination beaten!

Ok...I sat here today sniffing, feeling sorry for myself, telling myself I was too busy looking after my 2 year old grand-daughter, it was too warm, blah, blah, blah.

Put GD down for a sleep, put on my running gear, took a couple of puffs of inhaler (just in case) and snorted some olbas oil and told myself to get out there!

Luckily it had clouded over somewhat and I actually found myself hoping it would rain...the 5 minute warm up was over before I knew it and I was shogging (shuffle/jogging)....I was quite surprised when Laura said I was already half way through. The last 4 minutes were actually ok. I started to believe that I could do this.

I think I may have picked up the pace a bit too much half way through cos I started to puff a bit and that last 60 seconds seemed an awful lot longer than a minute!!

Long story short - I did it!!! I am sitting here feeling a bit knackered but amazed! To those who of struggled with this run today - heads up, tomorrow is another day and you will not be beaten.

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  • That's the spirit xxx

  • Well done RK! with a cold as well!!! hope you feel better for R3 - I did R1 tonight .... feeling goooood!!!!

  • I enjoyed R1 too...which surprised me. I never thought I would enjoy running, but can see it becoming slightly addictive. Good luck with R2 - look forward to hearing how you get on.

  • Bugg;;r just gone and done it ... ordered some running skins for winter and dare I say a garmin watch eeek this is getting serious! :O

  • Well done. Super attitude.

  • Fab stuff RK , great attitude and determination. You got out there and you did it, and that's what its all about. Well done, upwards and onwards, always :-) xxx

  • Omg... There is no stopping you ;-) a cold as well. ;-) I would of made an excuse if that was me sniffling. Well done you. I'm running W5 R2 tomorrow after work ;-) well done you

  • I could hear everyone on here in my head telling me to get off the sofa and do it! Good luck tomorrow :0)

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