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Wk8 R2


I have been reading your love posts and it has kept me going over the last few weeks so I thought I should say hi. Almost done and determined to graduate this time. Did C25k last year got to wk8 and stopped. I know don't tell me. Crazy :-).

The runs aren't going to bad. My head seems to tell me to stop after about 5 mins but I keep going and haven't quit yet. Most of the issue seems to be in my legs, as the rest of me seems fine to keep going. I've even managed to do 30 mins on r1 and 2 this week, I get to 28 and think whats 2 mins so I continue. MY speed still sucks but I have started to sprint the last minute or so.

4 to go. Fingers crossed. Then I need to work out what to do next. I need the structure of a program or I know I just won't do it.

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Nearly there and if you are getting 30 mins now you are gonna sail through. I know what you mean about continuing with structure. I am looking at B210K but wise advice on this site suggests an intro to that through the Stepping Stone podcasts - sticking with Laura for a little while longer, or variations on that.

Look forward to seeing ducky82 with shiny graduate badge in 4 more runs! Good luck :)


Ah great effort and you will finish the programme this time and sport your shiny badge :)

Good luck !


Well done and not giving up your almost there. Regarding the structure after graduating you could try the 5k+ podcasts. The there is the b210k. Why not sign up for park runs to keep you motivated or even enter a race. That way you will need to keep running as you have a definite goal to work towards.


Weekly Parkruns are a great way to get a 5k run in every week and try to get a PB (Personal Best). You could even sign up for a 10k in the future, or even next summer to keep you motivated. I graduated in April 2015 and did my first 10k race in August. I had already signed up for it even before I graduated. I definitely advise you do the C25K+ podcasts as I found I floundered about afterwards like clumsy puppy in unknown territory!



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