Wk8 R2

So today I managed to go for a run before picking up the kids. It was a glorious sunset, sunny, not too cold and in the park! So lucky!

It was slow because my legs are so tired from the strength and flex and some Zumba Monday and Tuesday. But I kept going and did the whole 28 mins.

The inside of my righ calf is still bothering me. I'm not sure if it a muscle I need to stretch or what? It can't be shin splint on the side can it? Any advise inside calf pain?


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  • Well done on your run, it doesn't matter that you've taken it slow, you have completed it. Can't advise on your calf pain, but I'm sure someone will be along to answer that shortly.

    I have also completed run 2 week 8, and so far it has been the best week for me. Good luck with future runs, graduation is not far away.

  • Thank you. I am doing two days rest between runs as my legs are so tired. I am carrying some extra weight so i guess I am being a bit unfair on the old things :)

    Good luck to you too! I cant wait to get the graduation badge.

  • No clue about calf pain sorry, hopefully someone will have some good advice for you. Just popped up to say well done for your run, that's good going and you're well on the way to a nice, shiny graduation badge - yay! i have this run next, was shattered after run 1 but work stuff is enforcing 2 rest days on me, so won't be tackling this one til Friday. :( Great to read about the week 8 successes, keeps me going :) x

  • You hang on in there, girl!

    Your time will come :)

  • Yeah 2 days rest for me too between runs. We will get there :)

  • Well done you :)

    What a beautiful run...I can just imagine you in the park and the beautiful sunset :)

    Just see how your leg is after a rest, maybe...could just be tiredness.

    Lots of people will advise, I am sure...

    Hope it sorts:)

  • Thank you!

  • Well done Catmay. :) you are doing brilliantly.

    Tightness in the calf might just be because you do so much exercise. If you do strength and flex Monday and zumba Tuesday then a 28 min run Wednesday... thats a lot of leg work...

    Obviously you shouldnt give any of it up,

    but now your runs are longer perhaps be a bit kinder to your legs and take it a bit easier on the day before a run.

    Make sure you do your after exercise stretches too. :)

    My calfs feel a bit stiff in the mornings but it wears off as the day goes on.

    Someone has told me about toe lifts and heel dips ( very gentle don't go down far) which i have started doing.

    Take care though. Maybe someone on here will have some better advice.. im certainly not an expert. xx

  • Thank you! I should definitely be kinder to my legs but I work Wednesday to Friday so it's really difficult to get any exercise done on those days (doing a full time job in part time hours and all that! ) so I cram it all in Sat to Tues. Will have a bit of a tweak this week I think.

  • Stretch and stretch again

    Bit of strengthening, stand on one leg, for a minute if you can. Use the stairs to go up an your toes then lower slowly to lower than the step, on straight legs, then on bent. One at at a time if you can.

    That's what I was advised to do anyway.

    Stretching should ease it, try a foam roller or one of the hand held ones

  • Yes, have stretched lots in the last couple of days and will try an be more consistent with it.

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