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I've just this second stepped out of the shower after a beautifully delicious fresh and glorious 7K along the river Thames. Lots of walkers about today, not many runners, the river was high and lap lapping against the banks. A noisy wedding with much jollity was going on at The Bingham riverside hotel and people seemed to be having a joyous time. So all in all a perfect atmosphere for a nice run.

Told myself to go slower than my usual pace but I find this hard to do. I wanted to ensure I didn't get totally knackered and just enjoy the pleasure of being able to go out for a jog in the fresh air. I didn't succeed in going slower but the good news is that I didn't get overly tired and desperate.

I swallowed a fly at one stage! Horrific it was and the noises my throat made as I tried to clear it were horrendous. "Ooohwwaagghhhgoooogggghuuwwaahhhhh!!!!!" Disgusting, but one of the hazards of running along a river in August I suppose.

Hope all you C25K'ers on your 9 week program have had a good day. Also to all the Graduates who donned the lycra today for a run'ette, I hope your was a pleasurable as mine. And to all the Park Runners who smashed it today - WELL DONE TO YOU ALL!

I'm having a booze free Saturday as I am working tomorrow and need a clear head. Mrs Dan is making pistachio crusted chicken escalopes for dinner so I'm getting slowly worked up into a froth of excitement!

Happy weekend to you all.

Dan the Man.

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Does Mrs Dan take paying guests :D Sounds delicious x

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sounds delicious...apart from the fly!!!! And I'm on my way for dinner, that sounds delicious ;)


Jealous you get to run along the Thames!


Sounds a lovely run, apart from the fly! I had one yesterday too that kept trying to fly behind my sunglasses. Very annoying! But at least I didn't swallow one! Ugh!

Talking about swallowing, I hope you enjoyed dinner. It sounds yummy ( the chicken not the fly).


Sounds like a smashing run, the kind to just savour ... as does you dinner :) This summer running has caused a real hate - hate relationship between me and flies, especially the ones that buzz you for miles and so you run with your arms waving like a mad man. Danzargo 1 - Fly 0 Good stuff :)


Perfect run, lovely day for it yesterday, great location and a dinner from Mrs Dan... makes the fly all worthwhile... :)

Well done Dan... you are the Super Speedy Seven master... :)


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