CAMBRIDGE WINTER RUN (subtitle Curly & Madge do ParkRun

CAMBRIDGE WINTER RUN (subtitle Curly & Madge do ParkRun

Some of you will remember my terrible first ParkRun some months ago when I said I wouldn't ever do another one! Having seen all the wonderful pics and vlogs, and read everyone's stories of the London Winter Run, I decided it was about time I put it behind me and had another go..

Dear Madge50 kindly offered to run with me and make sure I didn't get lost! When I arrived at the park, the volunteers were breaking up the ice with spades and pitchforks.. I was surprised it wasn't cancelled. I was so nervous that despite having used both my asthma inhalers before I left home, I wheezed and coughed for the first was really muddy and slippery, I've never run on anything but concrete before so found it a bit hard going, I really didn't want to fall over lol! Me and Madge seem to be pretty well matched, she set the pace most of the way, but kept looking back to make sure I was still there! I think we did pretty good, we even managed to pass a couple of people! Still waiting for the official result, but Madge's Garmin said we ran about 38 something, so I'm delighted with that given the conditions.

A massive thank you to Madge for your wonderful support, and to all you Winter Runners, especially JuJu and Dan for the inspiration.


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62 Replies

  • Congratulations! I'm glad you went back and enjoyed it! And what a glamorous pair of Parkrunners!

  • What a lovely pic, and WELL DONE you two! Sorry I missed it!

  • No worries, I can't blame you, it was a bit grim weather wise! Thanks for the thought though xxx

  • well done both of you :) so pleased you had a much more positive experience Curly :D

  • Yay, fanatsic and great news, your so much braver than me, just a little bit of ice and I am hiding. I am so pleased you gave it another go and great time as well.

  • Well done and a fabulous picture too! Pleased you enjoyed it this time.

  • Yaaayyyyyy!!!! Great pic CG. Really nice. And well done for taking on what appears to be a hard course. Terrific achievement.

  • Hey Curly, great to meet you, and what a good pic! The ice was VERY bad, the worst I have seen it, and very scary. My official time has just come back at 40 mins, quite happy with that given how dangerous it was! Hope you'll come again, and get those shoes sorted out!

    Big hug


  • Yes, m ine was about 14 seconds slower than yours, I though we had done nearer 38 mins, but no worries. We finished didn't we without falling over?

  • When I looked at the garmin it was 40 something, but I usually forget to stop it! I was earlier stopping it this week, so it must have been more accurate. But hey, as you say, we did it, 5k done ! (Ramsey stylee !)


  • I started my stop watch when we got to the start line, not when they sounded the hooter, I looked at it as I crossed the finish, but promptly forgot what it said lol! I thought it was 38.20, but my RunKeeper seems to bear out 40 minutes and a bit. I'm still happy with that! It was hard driving home with muddy shoes,. my feet kept slipping off the pedals...I have some aches in weird paces today...

  • Ohh, just had another look at RK, I know we said there would be no sprint finishes, but we did you know! Each split got faster than the one before, the last KM was 7.49...pretty good in that mud! XX

  • That's good, I wonder if your aches are because you were nervous, you may have tensed up without realising it and not have been as relaxed as usual, especially being a new experience - which I would class it as, as I don't think you can really count the first one as getting to know the course etc., and that was some time ago.

    It's like anything, the more you repeat it the more familiar it becomes.


  • Mostly it's the front of my ankles, I think that must be down to the mud!

  • Well done Curly. So pleased that you had a positive experienced this time, and well done for putting the bad experience behind you and giving it another shot. :D

  • What a difference!I remember your post about the previous park run...Good time as well!

  • Curly, well done! That's made me feel that perhaps I should have a go. I suppose I've been worried about not managing or being the slowest or nobody talking to me and so on!! Glad to hear that you and Madge got on so well!

  • Suuuuperb!! Great picture- gorgeous runners.... Gotta love ParkRun, well done for giving it a second chance ;-)

  • That's fantastic that you gave it another go, well done. A lovely picture of you and Madge, aah look at you both :-) Hope you go on to do many more parkruns x :-D

  • Fantastic you two ! So pleased you gave it another go Curly and great support from Madge. Love the C25k community.

  • That's excellent well done. May have to have another go myself too!

  • Remind me where you live Toony? I'll send Madge over...

  • Warwick!! Yeah send her!!!

  • Yay Curly this is just great! Felt so sorry for you after your first attempt at Parkrun and vowed I'd never do one myself after reading about your experience. This post has just confirmed what I suspected- that everything is better with friends to support you. (Insert a big cheer for the lovely Madge50 here) Really pleased for you both and not a little jealous. Was supposed to do Parkrun a couple of weeks ago with a girl I used to work with, but sadly life and lurgy got in the way and have continued to do so. I'm desperate to try Parkrun but won't until my friend is available. Congratulations m'dear, this is a fab post :)

  • Agree, well done Madge, hip hip .....

  • Hooray ! :-D xxx

  • Thanks AM, and NE, you know I was happy to have some company too, I'm a Mrs 'do as you would be done by', pleased I could help, I'd hope someone would do the same for me.


  • Great picture - two very happy looking runners. Well done!

  • Well done to you both, the smile says it all. It's a great pic, what a friendly group use this forum.

  • Great pic well done Curly and Madge

  • Lovely picture, well done Curly Gurly and Madge 50 for being your rock. Off road is so difficult if you are only used to concrete

  • Nice work and great picture. I love that you're coordinated!

    Will you keep doing the parkruns curly?

  • Dahhhhling we shop at the best store, don't you know........ ;-)), this seasons colours and all that.....the 'designer' label that is loved by all C25Kers!

    M x

  • SD...

  • I will certainly have another go when the weather improves, I'm interested to see what time I could get if I was sliding around all over the place. I live in France half the year though, so going back in a few weeks, I might not get much opportunity between now and then. There's nothing like PR in France, not where I live anyway, maybe in Paris..

  • Whoops, WASN'T sliding around!

  • CONGRATULATIONS curly and madge , what a great effort in the ice and a lovely photo! :)

  • Whoa , look at you two ! A proper pair of C25k crackers !

    Well done Curly and Madge !

    Curly, Im so glad you went back and this experience was a positive one, and a big up to Madge for your support , what a gal :-)

    Fab photo , you both look so healthy and happy !

    Yay , big cheer for Curly and Madge ! :-) xxx

  • Hey Pops how's your hip? I was just saying to Kat that I wondered how you were.

  • Hi EM, still flippin' crocked ! Pah !

    I have been thinking whilst twiddlin mi' thumbs and checking mi' belly button for fluff what it could be ...

    Ive noticed that when I was running for 40-50 minutes and getting a bit tired, that my right foot turns slightly inwards , and I think this may be what has caused the pain. Mind you, I might be talking completely broken biscuits :-)

    Hoping to hear from Docs early next week , so fingers and hips crossed !

    Thank you for asking, youre so nice and lovely xxx

  • Ha ha, the days when I could see mine are long gone Kitty , I just have a feel about now .

    I used to have mine pierced many many years ago when it was flat , but one day I sneezed really hard and it just flew out ha ha :-D xxx

  • The funny thing was I went with a friend to hold her hand cos she was getting hers done , she ended up chickening out and I got mine done instead ha ha :-D xxx

  • Haha how did you know that ? :-D xxx

  • I was wondering how you were getting on too, I was going to ask today... I'm so sorry you're still not well enough to run, you must be getting cabin fever...hope they get it sorted soon. xx

  • Thanks Curly xxx

    Yep Im still on the Injury Chaise Longue, its doing my head in :-)

    Cant wait to get out again :-) xxx

  • Can you do anything else while you wait? Swimming or summat?

  • Ive got a Pilates DVD so Im starting that tomorrow.....

    Hoping to get my X Ray results this week. Ive got a appointment at the WellWoman Clinic at my docs on Tuesday so Im going to ask then if theyve come back xxxx

  • Fingers, in fact all possible extremities crossed for you Pops. I'm still laughing at the thought of you sneezing out your belly button piercing :D :D :D

    Don't ever leave this forum, I haven't laughed so much in ages xxxxx

  • Ha ha , yes that was some sneeze ha ha :-D xxx

  • What a lovely photo and post ! Glad you enjoyed it xx

  • I have a HUGE smile on my face, and a bit of a tear because I know how frightened you were...what a gorgeous picture too...I'm so so happy it was OK and I'm really touched that I helped to inspire you... Well done, I bet you feel great now xxx

  • Thank you JuJu, you and the lovely Dan made it look so much fun I just had to have another go! Now I'd like to speed up a bit so I can run with the other runners, I know that'll happen if I keep plugging away at it. The fear is a funny thing isn't it? I can't work out what I was frightened of, it's only a run, and I do those several times a week...guess it's the fear of failing and looking a twat...I certainly did that last time, so I've got THAT over with!

  • Well done both of you, running in those conditions sounds really hard work - not sure I'd survive it!

    And a great photo - you both look fresh as daisies :) xx

  • This is brilliant! Congratulations. I do indeed remember your previous parkrun post and I'm so glad you've given it another try - the photo says it all. I have to say it does sound like that parkrun course is practically cross-country. Breaking ice with spades and pitchforks... Good lord.

  • Well done Curly and Madge! Lovely photo there ladies. Big up to you for running today. I wimped out!

  • I am so pleased you enjoyed it! I love parkrun and always want everyone else to enjoy it too. That said, I am lucky in that our parkrun is incredibly supportive. We also have quite a few walkers and a tail runner, so there is never really a question of being last. My local is Tilgate (only a couple of miles away from Gatwick). If any of you ever fance a visit, let me know, we will make sure you do not have to run alone!

  • Well done for going back. Great picture.

  • And another lovely inspiring photo and story, thank you.

    My local 5k run is not Parkrun, it is organised by the local running club who left my brother behind in the dark (and he's a good runner) and I've looked at the times... and the tarmac (I don't have road shoes, my trail shoes are minimalist) But I am not feeling too bad after a tiny bit on tarmac at Chatsworth so maybe one day, once.

  • It's interesting reading the comments about the terrain, I run on both Tarmac/concrete and off road. I think most routes, if they are muddy etc., are probably right at their worst right now (I hope!)

    We were quite horrified at the amount of ice there yesterday but, hats off to the days run director and all the volunteers who worked really hard and made sure everyone had their run and got round safely.


  • What a gorgeous photo girls. You both look so happy. Delighted that this Parkrun went well CG. I think it was brave of you to try it again. And what a lovely lady Madge is for doing it with you. Hats off to both of you!

  • I am sooo proud of you for going back to it - your smile says it all - well done you. :)

  • Actually, we were mostly grinning at Madge's lovely husband's complete inability to take a photo of anything other that the sky or grass, or his own funny. So kind of him to wait for us at the finish in the freezing cold... serves him right for being so fast!

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