Graduated Run -Wow I have Done It!!! What a Beauty!

I'm just fit to burst here!! Completed my last run this morning week 9 run 3 - so I have graduated. I cannot believe it!!! skipping around. Beautiful sunny morning, slightly cold which I loved. Still not managed to get to 5k in 30 minutes but it was couch to 4k for me!!! 2.5 miles in old money and at a pace of 12.32 minute mile. The snails came out to celebrate.:)

There was no way I wasn't going to do this run and it felt brilliant - I just want to say a huge thank you to all you lovely people who have motivated me during these past 37 runs!! I've had to take a bit longer as I stupidly sprained my ankle. I had a major wobble at week 8 but it was your lovely messages that made me go out and run stronger. I never used the app just cheesy tunes and its been fantastic

Wohoooo and well done everyone who has graduated and keep on running for those people still on the programme it works a treat.

Gosh I am just so happy!!


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  • Well done!! A great inspiration to those of us following behind you! Have a great day - I'm sure you'll be smiling all day long!

  • Congratulations and well done. You're perseverance paid off. Now don't forget to request your graduation badge. Remember the goal was to run for 30 minutes not distance...that will come later. For the moment just love the run you got! :)

  • Oh ginbin!! I've just asked for my badge and I think I have got it!! Blimey heck I am so happy!!

  • Ohhh yes it is there I cannot believe how excited I am!!! I am going to be unbearable all dayx

  • The bade looks great. It represents a great sense of accomplishment! Right now you probably feel like Rocky...enjoy it for as long as you's yours and you earned it. Happy running!

  • Congratulations - its an amazing feeling isn't it! Badge looks great. Now the real running adventures begin!

  • Well done graduate!!!! Yaaaay!!! Fantastic! Does t matter how long it took. You did it! Big pat on the back!!

  • Massive congrats! You've got your badge already! Suits you very well! 4K is very respectable, some of us (me) didn't even make that far in their 30 mins!

  • Wow, congratulations! Well done.

  • thanks guys couldn't have done it without you!!! I love my badge :) next challenge for me is to do 5k and keep gently upping the time. I have a pretty muddy in September 5k with obstacles and then see what else is around the corner.

    Thank you so much - what a fab programme and still skipping around the room xx

  • Fantastic Katrina what a great way to start the day. Prepare yourself for face ache as I bet you'll be grinning all day and probably all week ;-) it's a fantastic achievement. Congratulations you runner you

  • Congratulations Katrina, you should be very proud of yourself! The graduate badge really suits you :)

  • Congratulations Katrina! You did it! Happy running an have fun getting ready for the obstacle run

  • Whoop whoop, fantastic, well done you! 4k is great, its the 30 minutes running that matters. Enjoy your 'pretty muddy' and your running! x :-)

  • Hooray ! Your hard work has paid off. Do keep running.

  • Sorry to be so late with my congrats!

    Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, you did it!!! Whoop whoop. Fantastic! Well done. Iove your badge by the way, really suits you.

    It's a great feeling isn't it. So glad you're pleased with it. You gonna celebrate? Will it partying on down or just a cuppa tea and a celebratory piece of cake? I think you should definitely buy yourself a brand spanking new gorgeous piece of running kit

    Right chuffed for you. Your running adventures have really only just begun

  • Hi & congratulation!s on graduation with a fantastic run and a great post too! Your feeling happy is contagious - rather like running after c25k!

    Well done Catrina

  • Thanks guys you really our the best - definitely a cup of tea or two and I might treat myself to some yurbuds as my earphones never seem to be secure in my ears. Woohooo and will be hanging around here still if that is okay.

    Thank you so much xxxx wooop woop wopp I'm a bit of a positive bunny at the best of times x

  • You did it Katrina , yay ! :-) Mahoosive congratulations to you on your graduation, and all the very best to you as you go forwards on this brilliant running adventure ! Have another cup of tea, fill yer boots ! :-) xxx

  • Way hey !! Whoop whoop :)

  • Well done! Congratulations!! Well deserved and make sure to treat yourself now...

    The fun has just begun! :)

  • Thanks guys lots of tea!! and ready to go for the next fun xxx Just come back from a pilates class :) Woohooo xxx

  • Congratulations. Sharing the joy as completed my final run yesterday too. Like you my next target is to manage 5 k. Envious of the badge - still waiting for mine. ( maybe I requested in the wrong place, I'll give it another day and see if it appears) .

  • Well done hope2runoneday - you better change your name lol :) fantastic and well done xxx and I'm the same going to get to 5k next xx

  • First run after graudation xxx treated myself to yurbuds this week. So next challenge is to get to 5k - so here we come.

    Happy running everyone

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