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W11R3 - No park run 😞 instead a very sweaty and tiring run


I planned to go for my local park run this Saturday gone, but my legs were not feeling great so with a heavy heart I decided not to go for it and instead give my legs another day’s rest.

Come Sunday my legs were recovered so rest was a good idea and so I went for my 5K run , but OMG it was so hot today. No wind that made it even worse. While running I had to find shades to run in, while most of my route is covered under trees but about a km isn’t and that just sapped all the juice out today.

This run was slower than the previous one, full 2 mins slower, but it kept me on schedule, two days rest and one day run that I’m following currently. My nose was completely dry at the end of run and the rest of my body was a sweaty mess. I’m blaming the hot weather for the slower run 😜 At the moment it’s incredibly hot and I guess that’s making it much more difficult.

So next run on Wed and then I’m going for park run on coming Saturday.

Cheers runners!!

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You did well.. the hot weather is taking its toll...but we can still relax and enjoy our runs :)

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Thanks Oldfloss!! Yes it’s more about enjoyment and building up for longer term, so I’m not stressing myself with the missed parkrun.


Well done. The heat is really unbearable whilst doing these runs. Remember though you have got this far and should be proud. Your health comes first and the most important thing is that need to continue to enjoy them as well. We will be complaining when it’s stop cold out there. 😂

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Thanks Peet999!!! I’m not complaining about the amazing weather we are currently blessed with 😀 It’s free Spanish weather without the travel and still be at home, what more to ask for!!!

I’m very proud of the achievement and am very grateful to this forum and my virtual friends like you for the encouragement throughout the C25K journey and beyond!

Thanks again!


Well run. Its an endurance test rather than a speed one at the moment, isn’t it? Good plan on the run to rest ratio.

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No speed test for me Jay. I just use the stats to see how I’m doing compared to my previous runs, so the 2 min drop definitely tell me that the heat is taking toll. I need to change the time of my runs.

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Go early or stay home!

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