What a beautiful run :)

Not long been back from my week 8/2 run and I feel amazing!

My hubby goes back to work today after a very enjoyable Christmas holiday, so our running times have needed to change so that we can run together and so they fit around his work schedule.

I was itching to get out whilst getting the kids ready for school and doing the school run but my running route takes me past the school gates so I needed to wait until nearly 9 to head out , so as not to embarrass my daughter who is very highly strung at times and didn't like her friends seeing me running along lol! Anyhow, I had my running gear on and was raring to go!

I headed out into glorious sunshine and a very slight breeze, then I was away. I always find in the first 5 minutes it takes me a while to regulate my breathing and pace and today was no different but as I found my running plateau I felt almost like my body sighed in relief and I had the most surreal wave of calm and happiness overcome me. The run was just joyous as I ran my usual route noticing the little robin red breasts flitting about collecting twigs. I just let me feet take me and before I knew it my hubby was telling me that we had just passed 5k and I needed to slow to a walk and reminded me to stop my timer at a very surprising time of 31.21! 3 minutes more than I was planning on running but today I felt like I could have run for miles.

I showered and have prepared for my day ahead but I feel so stress free. I just had to share with my fellow runners because if I told any of my non-runner friends I am sure they would think I am going loopy! Haha.


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10 Replies

  • Oo Jenner78 that run sounds amazing and inspiring. I'm waiting to get that big buzz that people talk about. I sometimes did get a little buzz when doing the Couch to 5k but never had that urge to run and run. I only graduated last week and yet haven't run at all! Need to get changed and get out as it's beautiful outside. Feel a bit disappointed with myself.

  • Don't be hard on yourself Tiny you have done so well to have reached graduation. The weather is so inviting at the moment that I am sure once you get out in it you will feel great. I am starting to get excited about reaching graduation next week :) I don't know about you but I still find it hard to believe how far I've come in a few short weeks?

  • Thanks Jenner78. I don't really feel I've graduated in a way because I'm really only plodding. However, I went out and did my 1st graduation run and attempted The Speed podcast. That was very hard! Kept groaning and stopping but did it.

  • Well done for getting out there. I have downloaded those podcasts but I have a 5 to 10k app that I want to start as soon as I graduate so I probably won't get around to doing the podcasts. Are they really hard going then?

  • Now thats what its all about...loving every second and feeling alive...well done you, good time too...

  • Thank you. It was such a great run.

  • Yes I found it hard, but then I find any type of running hard. Am pleased I did it though. You'll be doing a 10k soon.

  • I hope so. I am nervous about the jump in distance but I will take it one run at a time. The interval training on the speed podcast sounds quite testing, no wonder you felt pushed.

  • Wow! Brilliant. Sounds incredibly joyous and what a fabulous time - 31'21. You are rockin'!

  • Thank you. I have never had a run like it and I think it will take a lot to top it. I am very eager to get out running again. I've had to talk myself out of going for a run twice today, but it's a rest day so I really shouldn't push my luck.

    I will be up and heading straight out at 6am tomorrow so that I can fit my run in before the school run, work and uni. :)

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