Week 8 run 2. 23 down. 4 to graduation!!

Did my 23rd run today. Went pretty well. Was an eerie stillness to this morning. Not a breeze stirred the trees.

Next run Sunday morning, before my swim. Might try it on a treadmill as all my runs have been outside so far. Would actually like to see how far I am running. Next four runs all for 30 minutes. Can't believe that I will be able to run for 30 minutes!! Graduation is just around the corner. The light at the end of the tunnel is here!!!

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  • Oh, you are doing fab, it never ceases to amaze me when we look back and think of those first few tentative steps where we ran for 60 seconds , and now look at how far you have come , 28 minutes non stop :-)

    I really cant praise this programme enough, it is brilliant isn't it ? All the best for Sunday :-) xxx

  • Thank you!! Loving the sense of achievement. That at 41 I am not ready for the nackers yard!! X

  • Aw youre nowt but a spring chicken :-) I love your positive attitude, great stuff :-) xxx

  • :-) x

  • Wow! 4 more! You will have that badge before you know it! Just think how that will feel!!!

  • It's so close now Manc! Take care with the last few runs, be nice and slow. Easy does it.

  • You're doing so well, and it is so exciting when you get this close to the end. Good running! :)

  • Brilliant well done MB. Not long now take it steady and you'll get there. Start planning your celebration!

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