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What is it about week 6 then?

I did W5R3 today and really enjoyed it but keep seeing posts about Laura throwing a few "curve balls" in on week 6, so what's all that about?

I am thinking going back to a walk in between a run will be quite nice, although I am aware from previous experience that it takes me around ten minutes to "breathe right" and then I tend to run that why it's a challenge again? or if you tell me will you "av to keeeel me?"

I have read other posts about going slower to start with, but just wondering what week 6 is all about?

I am still feeling really pleased with myself for doing run 3- I enjoyed it for the most part- and looking forward to running with Peter (and planning a park run in the next 4 weeks) but just pondering on this curve ball....anybody? :)


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Try not to think about it, I found it ok to go back to intervals and now doing bridge to 10 back to intervals and I'm finding it fine . Good luck


Last time when you get an interval but steady going and its fine. Am certain if you have got this far you'll manage it OK


I found it a hard week, I struggled going back to intervals...felt like I was just getting my body going and breathing right when it was time to a result I was really tired. However, it was not impossible and I had my most enjoyable run so far today w6r3 so just bash through it, you will be fine! Any by the end of the week you will only have 9 runs to go! :-)

Well done on managing your 20 minutes!!

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Thanks Sunflower, I am like that with my breathing- it takes me around ten minutes to breath comfortably (I know this from the past and other activities) so I guess it makes sense stopping and starting will be hard. I will lumber on through it :D

see you on the other side :)


I found it ok. I did slow it down again after reading that some people struggle with it. But I've survived it! It's ok. Positive thoughts and slow and steady!


Yeah you're right. We'd have to keeeeeel you!

You'll find out for yourself before too long as I see you've done week 5. Just do what Laura tells you and you'll be fine


Several people go into W6 thinking it will be easy - after all, they've just run for 20 minutes, what should be hard about 2 x 10? So I think they either start too fast or assume it will be easier than it is and then get disappointed.

Forewarned is forearmed. Take it slow and steady and ignore those gremlins telling you that it should be a piece of cake. It's not, but it's NOT impossible either.

Enjoy!! :)


Thank you everyone, I will take it slow and be aware! :)

My breath seems to come right at about ten minutes (in running, spinning, even scuba lol) so I was thinking it was all about that - you are just getting into a good breathing pattern and stop, then have to start again - but it makes sense that after running 20 minutes, subconsciously you might think ten is a breeze.

I am not taking anything for granted with this running lark lol...i am enjoying it for the most part. (W5r2 when I was struggling to breath up an incline and peter laughing at me wasn't a good moment but hey, ho, I moved on- he said he wasn't laughing at me, rather with me..I pointed out I wasn't even smiling, I was dying lol) so, i'm not ready for sprints yet.

Thank you again :)


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