Big Fun Run Complete!!

Big Fun Run Complete!!

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for all their encouragement over the last couple of weeks. I did my Big Fun Run in aid of Asthma UK this morning. I completed the 5K (with one little stint of walking when I got pins and needles) in 41 minutes, 35 seconds. Very proud of myself - couldn't have done it without all your help and support and of course Laura getting me through Couch25K!!! Thanks everyone!!

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  • Oh well done LB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love your badge! I so wanna badge I can't tell you! I hope to get one next Bank holiday. If I don't I'll be in a right huff!

    So, you've won a medal, run 5 k not to mention graduating from Couch. What's next up?

  • Thank you!! 5k in 30 minutes is the next target!! And start doing Parkruns. My friend goes to one so in a few weeks (when I've done a few more 5Ks) I'm going to go with her! And hopefully in October there will be one starting in a park just 2 minutes from my house - no excuse then!

    Good luck with your medal!

  • well done you...and thats a mighty fine medal :)

  • Thank you! :-)

  • Fantastic, well done you and what a medal :) I want a medal :(

  • Thank you!! It's very heavy - won't be taking it out with me on my next run!

  • Haha

  • Well done - love the medal"

  • Fantastic medal and what a great cause to run in aid of. Congratulations on your 5k :)

  • Great medal! I want one too!

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